This Inflatable Floating Bar Is Your New Must-Have Summer Accessory

If you love pool parties but hate having to get out of the water to get another beer, you’re in luck. There’s an accessory that was made with you in mind and you can get it on Amazon Prime! It’s an inflatable floating bar and it’s about to change your life.

  1. It holds five cans of beer plus tons of ice and bottles. This means you and your friends can stay stocked up while in the water for a long time (depending on how fast you drink, of course). Having the ice well in the middle is a nice touch and ensures you’re not guzzling room temp beer. You could even put snacks in the middle if you wanted!
  2. You can fill it with a hairdryer, apparently. You’d need to have it on the cold setting and make a paper funnel, which seems like a lot of unnecessary trouble if you ask me, but it can be done. You can also probably blow it up with a normal inflatable pump. Not sure if you can do it by mouth, but let’s just embark on this adventure ready to embrace all challenges, shall we?
  3. It’s actually super cute. Whether you’re throwing a party for Pride month or you just appreciate cute clouds and rainbows, the design of this thing is pretty great. Not only that but it doesn’t contain phthalates and is raft-grade, meaning it’s not going to pop very easily (but maybe skip the knives or scissors around it).
  4. It’s cheap, meaning you can grab a couple to give to your friends. For $13.99, this is a total bargain and would make a great gift for friends or family who have a pool or hot tub and like fun things (I assume there are some strange people who don’t). Summer is awesome enough on its own but I feel like an inflatable floating bar takes things to the next level.


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