This Inflatable Horse And Carriage Pool Float Will Make You Feel Like A Queen

When summer comes, all I want to do is float around lazily in a pool or on a lake all day, every day, soaking up the sun, enjoying a few drinks, and pretending I don’t have a care in the world. I always take a float with me whenever I hit up a body of water (yes, even in the ocean, albeit with varying success), but I think I’m about to take things up a notch with this inflatable horse and carriage pool float*. How amazing is this?!

A pearlescent pink carriage with a white horse. What more could you ask for? The carriage portion of the float is pearly pink in color with bright blue wheels, while the horse is white with a pink mane and a blue saddle. It’s basically a princess dream and even though I’m a grown woman who’s not usually into all that girly stuff (not that there’s anything wrong with it – it’s just not my usual style!), I’m here for this.

It’s technically for kids, but who cares? Given that the measurements for the horse and carriage pool float are 56″ L x 53″ W x 41″ H, it’s unlikely that any adult that’s super tall would be able to climb in very comfortably. But that won’t stop me from trying! If you’re on the petite side or simply like to laugh in the face of product dimensions, you’ll want to give this a go.

It’s made by Intex, so you know it’s good. If you’re not immediately familiar with the brand name, allow me to refresh your memory: Intex is behind amazing products like the giant inflatable bull pool float and the great white shark pool float, just to name a few.

It costs around $70, which isn’t bad. While it might seem a bit on the expensive side for a pool float, you’re actually basically getting two products in one since you’re getting both the carriage and horse. It’s totally worth it!

So where can you get it? Amazon sells the float (though it does seem to be out of stock at the moment) as does Bed, Bath & Beyond where it’s currently in stock. You can order yours at BB&B HERE.

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