This Inflatable Pool Float Has A Water Gun Attached For Ultimate Summer Fun

It may seem like summer is still forever and a day away, but we’re already in March, which means spring is just around the corner and the longest, hottest, sunniest days aren’t far behind it. You’ll want to be prepared when it gets here with all the accessories you’ll need to have the best summer ever. If you have a pool, visit a local lake, or are anywhere near a body of water this year, make sure you have this inflatable pool float with a water gun* attached for ultimate fun.

Nothing says “I’m chillin'” like a pool float. Even without all the bells and whistles, a pool float is relaxation at its finest. You climb aboard, float lazily around in the sun, and just feel like the chillest person ever. In fact, there’s nothing I look forward to more when summer comes around than doing exactly this.

This pool float is packing a little extra heat. Swimline’s UFO Spaceship Squirter comes with a water gun built in, meaning you can have some mean competitions in between all that lazing around I mentioned earlier. It’s styled to look like a retro UFO, which is cool enough, but the water gun has a constant supply thanks to whatever water you’re floating on, making it a hilariously “dangerous” weapon.

It’s super comfortable too. If you weren’t already sold with the water gun alone, you may be interested to know that this pool float has the added bonus of having a head rest and an arm rest for all that lounging you’ll be doing between battles. Not only that, but it’s 45 inches in diameter so it’s nice and big.

Grab yours now before summer gets here. The closer we get to summer, the more likely these are to sell out. Thankfully, I’m letting you know now so you can plan ahead and order yours before that happens. The UFO Spaceship Squirter is available on Amazon for $26.20 and you can order HERE.

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