This Inflatable Skeleton Couple Is Bringing ‘Suggestive’ And ‘Vulgar’ Vibes To Halloween

Generally speaking, Halloween is all about the spooky and sometimes downright terrifying vibes. However, there are some people who want to get into the seasonal spirit but appreciate a bit of levity. I suppose that’s where GOOSH’s inflatable skeleton couple comes in. Not only is it 5.5 feet tall and lights up in the dark, but it also features two skeletons that appear to be in flagrante delicto, which is causing all sorts of uproar online from critics who’ve deemed the decoration “suggestive” and even “vulgar.”

Is this inappropriate or hilarious? You decide. The inflatable skeleton couple are certainly in a suggestive position, with the female skeleton straddling the male skeleton and holding his face with her hands in a loving embrace. Of course, there are no lewd details or anything overtly sexual showing, but you don’t need much of an imagination to know what’s going on. The question is, is it inappropriate?

Some people really don’t get the joke. As one Amazon reviewer angrily wrote, “This product is suggestive and vulgar. Its association with a holiday that centers around children is offensive beyond measure.” Another simply wrote: “Are u serious?”

However, there were some people with a sense of humor. One reviewer, who gave the inflatable skeleton couple 4 stars, said they subtracted a star since there was “no boner” and because they were “pretty sure the female is faking… her hair.” Good one! Another shared that they see people stop in front of their house all the time to photograph the skeletons, which I can imagine being true. It’s not very often that you see two shagging skeletons in someone’s front yard.

If you’d like this in your own yard this Halloween, you’re in luck! Goosh’s inflatable skeleton couple is available on Amazon Prime for $84.99, which, given how unique and how big it is seems like a total bargain. I imagine they might sell out pretty quickly though, so you’ll have to move fast!

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