Inmate Who Beat Jeffrey Dahmer To Death Says He ‘Did The World A Favor’

Inmate Who Beat Jeffrey Dahmer To Death Says He ‘Did The World A Favor’ Milwaukee Police Department

Jeffrey Dahmer was a twisted serial killer whose predilection for preserving, eating, and even having sex with the bodies of his victims has been well-documented over the years. However, not as much is known about Christopher Scarver, the fellow inmate who bludgeoned Dahmer to death in prison on the orders of the Vice Lords gang. That’s all about to change.

  1. The Vice Lords wanted Dahmer dead. This was largely because Dahmer preyed heavily on young Black men and boys from an incredibly poor neighborhood in Milwaukee. The gang sent word to their people on the inside and it was Christopher Scarver, serving a life sentence for murder already, who decided to step up.
  2. Dahmer wasn’t afraid when he knew he would die. Radar Online reports that Dahmer looked at Scarver and said bluntly: “I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me.” It didn’t need saying twice, and Scarver immediately began slamming Dahmer’s head against the floor and wall. His injuries were so severe that when security guards eventually found him, he was nearly unrecognizable.
  3. Scarver stood to make a lot of money for the killing. According to Radar Online’s prison source: “Dahmer was the victim of a carefully planned execution. He was targeted for death by the Vice Lords. They hated Dahmer because most of his victims were Black and from the Milwaukee neighborhoods the gang controls. So the crime lords put a $40,000 price tag on his head Since the money was being offered by a notorious drug-dealing gang with plenty of cash, there was little question that it would be paid. The $40,000 was to go to anyone on the outside — a relative, friend, whatever — designated by Dahmer’s killer. A gang member on the outside would deliver the money.”

  1. It wasn’t easy to get to Dahmer. The Columbia Correctional Institution was a maximum security prison and Dahmer, when he arrived, was immediately put into year-long isolation. However, he eventually asked to be put on work detail, enabling Scarver to get access to him.
  2. Dahmer was killed on the morning of December 28. After eating breakfast, he headed out with Scarver and another convicted killer, Jesse Anderson, who were assigned to clean up the gym. When guards left the men alone for 20 minutes, that was Scarver’s chance to act. “Scarver came up behind Dahmer while he was cleaning a bathroom. Dahmer turned and Scarver grabbed him by the shoulders,” the insider recalled. “Scarver is 6-feet-1 and 190 pounds of solid muscle. He had no trouble overpowering Dahmer — who was six feet tall but flabby and out of shape — and battering his head against the tile floor and wall. Then Scarver went to a nearby room where Anderson was working and attacked him, leaving him barely clinging to life.”
  3. Scarver wasn’t sorry for what he did. In fact, he believes it was the right thing to do. “He told inmates: ‘I did the world a favor by killing Dahmer — and he wanted me to do it, too. He deserved to die and he knew it!” the prison source claimed. “Scarver is really a scary guy — a manipulator. He wound up in prison after shooting a guy four times in the head while making another man watch in horror.”

Scarver, 53, is serving three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

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