Online Dating Sucks—Here’s How To Successfully Take The Search For Love Offline

While online dating is pretty much the way to meet someone these days, there’s no denying that wading through endless options on dating apps and meeting guys that seem great but end up being total wastes of time is a frustrating and at times demoralizing process. Thankfully, The Inner Circle is a dating app with a difference and it plans to change your dating life for the better—here’s how.

They narrow down your options. One of the most obnoxious parts of online dating is the endless amount of options. You have to scroll and swipe for hours in the hopes that at least one of the people who look halfway OK actually end up messaging you back and you hit it off. The Inner Circle isn’t Tinder; it’s a niche app with a smaller user base of higher quality profiles, making it way more likely that you’ll find the kind of partner you’ve been looking for.

They verify that what you see is what you get. The Inner Circle manually verifies all its users to ensure that you’re seeing real profiles belonging to real people, so you’re not looking at 10-year-old pictures with 95 filters on them. This way, if you do hit it off with someone and decide to meet up, you won’t be in for any nasty surprises.

They hook you up with people you actually have things in common with. Because you enter your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and local hangout spots as part of your profile, The Inner Circle is able to connect you with people who like chilling at the same spots. This means you’ll know upfront whether you both love Indian food or are crazy about the lattes from the cafe around the corner from your apartment—and it could even serve as a location for your first date!

They host in-person meet-ups every month. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone online for weeks or even months without ever making concrete plans to meet up. Further ensuring you don’t waste your time, The Inner Circle hosts monthly cocktail parties and gatherings so you can meet other users face-to-face. Hey, you never know—you could just find your next long-term relationship at one of these get-togethers!

They save you from endless swiping. Bottom line? The Inner Circle exists to make online dating as fuss-free and painless as possible. They actually want you to find real, lasting love, so they’re doing all they can to expedite the process and save you from getting caught in a vicious circle of swiping.

Give it a try here—you have nothing to lose, and might just be surprised with what you find…

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