9 Instagram Captions For Women Who Are Single And Loving It

We have been conditioned to spend our lives aspiring for relationships and trying to make them work. We are meant to believe that being single is a terrible thing that we should hate or even try to hide. No more of that. It’s time to start proudly showing off your single status. Here are the best Instagram captions to use if you’re loving being single and don’t care what anybody thinks.

  1. “I keep dancing on my own.” Did you just paint the town red with your friends or have an amazing night out all on your own? Don’t let those pictures go to waste! Post them with this caption that loudly proclaims that you don’t need a partner to have a good time. It shows you that you have a full and vibrant personality and you’re perfectly capable of manufacturing your own fun.
  2. “If I don’t give them, how will they take?” This is for when you’re serving looks and going really hard. It screams confidence and self-awareness. You know you’re hot and you know your worth, and there’s no room for anyone to treat you however they like. The energy you put out is what the people in your life have to match.
  3. “You don’t deserve me unless you’re better than my solitude.” Do you know how deeply you have to love and value yourself for you to feel complete and fulfilled all by yourself? This says you’re the kind of single woman who has mastered the art of self-love and maintaining independence. The only way you’d consider giving up being single is if you found someone who could top that.
  4. “A woman becomes unstoppable when she realizes she deserves better.” Few things are more threatening than a woman who knows what she what’s and is not willing to settle. No matter how long it takes to find the right person, lowering your standards is not an option. Show your followers that you are a force to reckon with and they can try, but no one is bringing you down.
  5. “Living life on my own terms and refusing to apologize for it.” Yes, some people are going to be mad at how happy you are being single. They’re probably even going to think you’re just putting up a front so you don’t seem lonely and desperate. Well, that’s their problem and they can choke on it. What matters is that you’re living your best life and you don’t need a relationship to complicate things or get in the way of what you want.
  6. “Don’t need dinner thanks to this snack.” This Instagram caption not only says you’re single and sufficient, it proclaims that you’re better than food. You satisfy yourself and you look good as hell doing it. You’re that expensive special on the menu of a five-star restaurant, and no one but you is invited to feast on your goodness.
  7. “Casually being better than you.: There’s nothing wrong with being a little smug and conceited, as long as it’s playful and you’re not genuinely stuck up. Other people might be all partnered up, but your life as a single person could still be a lot more fulfilling, exciting, and challenging than theirs. Don’t be afraid to step on necks. Let them watch you kill it in your professional and personal life and wonder what the secret is. It’s okay to stunt and boast when you’re being true to yourself. It doesn’t matter if other people agree with how you see yourself.
  8. “Currently accepting applications for me to ruin your life.” This is for when you want to show that you’re completely in control of your relationship status. You know what a catch you are and you’re 100% that bitch. Let them know you’re the kind of woman songs are written about. People can’t help but be attracted to people with tendencies that are obviously bad for them. You don’t get dumped, you do the dumping. It leaves the door open for potential partners who are not intimidated by your energy to approach you.
  9. “Self-partnered.” This caption pretty much speaks for itself. One of the best relationships that you can build as a woman is the one you have with yourself. It shows that you see yourself as whole, brilliant, adequate person. You’ve searched far and wide, but your perfect partner is your own self. You’re not the kind of woman whose entire identity is built around whoever she’s dating at the time. Maybe your life isn’t totally perfect, but it’s wonderful just the way it is. If it came down to it, you’d be perfectly content spending the rest of your life alone.
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