This Instant Ice Cream Maker Lets You Create The Most Amazing Desserts

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie—and actually, even if you don’t—chances are you’ve heard of the rolled ice cream trend. Maybe you’ve even tried it yourself. The fun novelty dessert seems to be everywhere but it also tends to be overpriced. Now you can make it yourself at home with this instant ice cream maker.

I’m sick of paying, like, $7 for a cup of ice cream. I’ve been to several rolled ice cream places in NYC and I’m always kinda disgusted by how much they charge for what is in essence a novelty product. After all, with the rolled ice cream, you’re not even getting as much ice cream as you would at a regular scoop shop, so you’re paying more for way less. Nah, I think I’ll make it myself.

It’s perfect for the DIY enthusiast. Sure, maybe it’s quicker to pop into a shop that makes this and let them do it for you, but isn’t it kind of cool to think you can make your own rolled ice cream at home? Your friends and family will be ridiculously impressed when you hook them up with such a fancy dessert.

The mix-in combos are endless. Sure, shops that make rolled ice cream have a solid selection of mix-ins, but what if you like your flavors a little less conventional? When you make your own at home with this instant ice cream maker, you can literally put in whatever you want. A girl needs choices in her life (and guys do too, obviously).

It doesn’t just make ice cream. Sure, it’s an instant ice cream maker, but that’s not all this little gadget makes. You can also make gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, or even margaritas! Basically, you’re getting a 5-in-1 doodad (what my grandparents used to call gadgets like this) which is pretty awesome, especially for the price.

It comes with everything you need to get going. The instant ice cream maker comes with a scoop, a spade, a recipe book, and the freezing surface, so you literally need to pop the base into the freezer for a few hours (perfect time to hit the grocery store to pick up your ingredients) and then you’re off. It’s also easy to clean and hand washable, which is more good news.

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