Be Instantly Better Than His Ex By Doing These 15 Things

When you’re with a great guy, all he really wants is for you to be your weird, wonderful self. Sure, the relationship might not work out in the end, but he’ll definitely remember you. You’ll be the ex he compares all other women to. Of course, if you want to keep him around longer, doing these 15 things is a good start to making him forget all about past lovers.

  1. Blow both his minds in the sack. Did you really think sex wouldn’t be on the list? Explore his body and make him feel like he’s never felt before. Extra points if you can give an incredible BJ.
  2. Don’t fake anything. I know we want to pretend we’re perfect at first, but don’t. The more fake you are at first, the harder it is to be real later. He wants to know you, the real you. So don’t fake anything, including orgasms and interests. It’s just better this way.
  3. Give him some space. He might be dating you, but that doesn’t mean he has to devote 100% of his time to you. Guys want some free time to spend with their friends or do things you’re not really interested in. Don’t get pissed if he chooses to spend the evening with his friends over you once in a while. He’ll appreciate it.
  4. Accept his friends, but don’t give up yours. Every man dreams of a woman who will accept his friends. You don’t have to be besties with them, but just get along with them. He also expects you to have your own friends. Strike a balance and he’ll be thrilled.
  5. Don’t put up with his stuff. For egotistical guys, this will probably just make him leave, but you deserve better anyway. Most guys find it hot when you call them out on their stuff. It shows your strong, confident and won’t be pushed around.
  6. Have your own interests. It’s fine to share some interests, but he doesn’t want a carbon copy of himself. He wants you to have your own interests too. After all, the last thing he wants is to feel like he has to entertain you all the time.
  7. Act like you’re hot. Whether you feel like you’re hot or not, act like it. It’s all in the attitude. If you’re always fishing for compliments, he’s going to get annoyed. Just act like you feel hot and he’ll see you as instantly hotter than his ex.
  8. Put your insecurities away. Don’t talk his ear off bitching about every little insecurity you have. That includes getting jealous when he talks to another woman. Be confident and trust him a little. Guys love confident women, but sadly, they always seem to be in short supply.
  9. Make yourself happy. A good partner is supposed to motivate you and pick you up when you’re down. Guys don’t mind doing that, but they don’t want to be responsible for all your happiness. Take time to make yourself happy and show him you can take care of yourself.
  10. Drop the drama. Love gossip? Have breakdowns over reality TV? Stop it! Eliminate as much drama as possible and you’ll always be better than his ex. Guys want a drama free relationship. While that’s not completely possible, less drama is always a good thing.
  11. Talk, don’t blame. Guys often get blamed for things without knowing what’s going on. You know when we use phrases like “you always do this” or “it’s all your fault.” Ease up on blaming him and instead try talking to him. He’ll appreciate being talked to like an adult instead of being treated like a child.
  12. Let the little things go. Did he miss a text or is he always 10 minutes late? Let it go. Yelling at him over stupid little things just makes him think you’re a nag, much like his exes. If these things really annoy you, talk to him calmly instead of fighting about it.
  13. Tell him when he’s screwed up. I wish guys understood when we’re mad, but they don’t always get the hint. Skip the “I’m fine” and just tell him when he’s screwed up. The more straightforward you are, the quicker things are resolved. He’ll love you being honest with him instead of holding a grudge.
  14. Don’t be clingy. You don’t need to be with him 24/7. Ease up on texting or calling him all the time. Remember, he needs space. Most guys hate clingy women. They’ve all had that one ex who seemed like human Velcro. Don’t be that girl.
  15. Take charge. Make plans yourself. Initiate sex. Talk about your own opinions. Yes, guys like being in charge, but not all the time. Give him a break and you’ll win his heart. Just remember, make sure he gets to be in charge sometimes too. He’s had exes that were too controlling and ones who never made a decision. Be the perfect woman and he’ll be happy.
Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book.