Instead Of Trying To Have The Perfect Life, Do These 14 Things Instead

Trying to be perfect and live the perfect life are totally overrated. Screw that! Here are 14 things that’ll make your life so much better than trying to have the ideal body, career, or relationship.

  1. Laugh at your flaws. Instead of beating yourself up about your flaws or mistakes, laugh at them. It’s liberating to stop being so hard on yourself, which is what sadly happens when you’re trying to be perfect. Plus, when what you dislike about yourself has no more power over you, you can get around to doing something more important with your time than obsessing over them, like living a great life.
  2. Enjoy yourself. Have some fun, for goodness’ sake! You can’t enjoy your life when you’re being obsessive about how you want everything to be (control freak, much?), or you’ve got tunnel vision to achieving your dreams. All work and no play makes for a really boring Saturday night.
  3. Get out of your head. If you’re always thinking about being perfect, you’re stressing yourself out and getting stuck into a negative thought cycle. Clear your head. Less thinking and more action to give your life meaning!
  4. Let life surprise you. You can’t plan your entire life down to the letter. It’s just not going to happen. Plus, you’ll be missing out on all the cool things that can happen when you take your hands off the steering wheel for a bit. Life might actually have a much better plan for you, so chill.
  5. Be grateful. Your life is seen as perfect to someone who’s got less, so take a moment every day to be grateful for what you have. If you’re always striving to create the perfect life, you’re forgetting about what makes it perfect right now.
  6. Have perfect moments. You can’t have a perfect life but you can have perfect moments. You know the kind: when you’re in total bliss, feeling on top of the world, or something works out just the way you dreamed it up. Yeah, it feels fantastic. Take a picture of them with your mind so you can make awesome memories.
  7. Be interesting. Perfection is boring and it won’t make you happy. Instead of trying to achieve it, focus on what makes you an interesting, unique person. You’ll be much more intriguing to others than if you’re perfect. Fact!
  8. See your worth. There’s no “I” in perfect, and that’s because you’re not seeing yourself when you’re striving so hard to appear to have the most amazing life. You’re getting caught up in things around you. Take a look at yourself and what makes you great. You’re worthy now, and don’t have to wait for your goals to be realized for you to be a valuable person. That’s BS!
  9. Live for now, not tomorrow. The problem with striving for perfection is that it keeps you in limbo. You say things like “I’ll be happy when I’ve lost those five pounds in a few weeks” or “I’ll be able to relax when I’ve opened my business next month.” You’re always chasing the future, instead of living for now. But the journey is so much more rewarding!
  10. Be great, instead of perfect. When you try to be a great person, a great employer, a great wife, a great mother, and so on, you’re still motivated to achieve success but you’re not chasing impossible ideals that are just going to make you fucking miserable. You’re also a nicer person to be around. Sorry, but someone had to tell you.
  11. Stress less. Come on, do you really need to stress yourself out by wanting to have a perfect, impossible life? It’s not good for your mental, emotional, or physical health. Give it up. When you’re calm and collected, you’re actually able to make better life decisions anyway. Don’t let stress over being perfect become an obstacle to the life you can have.
  12. Think about what you want. If you’re so busy trying to be perfect, you’re not in tune with what you really want. If you take the time to figure out what’s really important, you’ll realize it’s not having the mansion and perfect man. It’s about being real and flawed. Maybe you’re actually chasing dreams you think will make you happy but they’re not about those dreams at all. For instance, maybe you’re obsessed with losing weight. But it could be that what you’re really after is body acceptance or confidence. You can get those without the dramatic weight loss plan, though!
  13. Show society the finger. When you live according to your own rules instead of trying to be perfect to satisfy society, you’re happier and more successful. Plus, you have more fun which is what life should be about. Oh, and you diss those Photoshopped Facebook selfies that make you cringe. Be real! 
  14. Get empowered. You might think you’re in control and powerful when you’re focusing on building a perfect life, but you’re actually weak. It’s so much more rewarding to feel empowered instead of powerful. You know yourself, love yourself, and love your life. You make things happen because you’re passionate, not because you’re competitive. You use your power for good things, instead of for unrealistic ideals that make you lose yourself. Damn straight!
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.