Woman In Intensive Care Discovers Husband Has Been Having An Affair With Her Mom

A Brazilian woman was devastated to discover that while she was in intensive care and fighting for her life, her husband was having an affair with her mother. Kamylla de Melo was in the hospital for 78 days, and when she was well enough to come home, her father broke the news to her that the two people she trusted most were now an item.

  1. Kamylla’s mother has always been “in competition” with her daughter. In an interview with Brazilian news outlet noamazonaseassim, Kamylla revealed that the relatively small age gap between herself and her mom meant that they had a strange dynamic. “As a teenager my mother first started to compete with me. She was only 20 years older than me, and said that my clothes were better suited to her, that her food was better. Nothing I did was good enough,” she recalled.
  2. She fell in love with her husband when she was 25. Kamylla met her husband, 10 years her senior, when she was 25 and they soon married in August 2013. Not long after that, following a “complicated pregnancy,” she gave birth to the couple’s son. All seemed to be doing well enough until she got ill.
  3. Kamylla needed bariatric surgery and that’s when things went wrong. It wasn’t about weight loss, she said, but rather about regulating her hormones. Unfortunately, she then suffered a stroke after the operation and had to be hospitalized again.
  4. While she was in intensive care, Kamylla’s mom moved in to help with her son. “During this period, my mother – I swear I can’t call her a mother anymore – went to my house to help my husband take care of my son who at the time, was 4 years old. My father had stayed in the interior of Pernambuco with my younger brother” she explained. “Only later did I learn that in the four months I spent in the hospital, much of the time between life and death, my ex had only visited me twice and my mother, none.”
  5. Learning about the betrayal of her husband and mother was devastating, to say the least. Kamylla’s father broke the news when he picked her up from the hospital in March 2018. “I had the worst pain of my life. And it wasn’t physical. Without much ado, my father, who had already taken my son, said that his wife and my husband were having an affair,” she said. “It looked like he was being stabbed in the chest, a mixture of disappointment and disbelief. I called my mother. Very nervous, I said that I had left the hospital, that I was alive and asked if it was true that they were together. The answer? That yes, together and very happy. I couldn’t believe what I heard.”
  6. Kamylla’s ex-husband and her mother are now married. Her husband still has weekly contact with their son, but needless to say, there’s no relationship there between Kamylla and her mother or her former partner. Unbelievable! “My son stays with his father two or three times a week, by court order. It is not easy, but I am obliged to allow my little one to live with this toxic and harmful relationship,” Kamylla admitted. “I recently learned that my mother is keen to celebrate their relationship anniversary on March 2, without even disguising that she started going out with my then-husband while I was in the hospital.”
  7. Thankfully, Kamylla has now found love again herself. “Almost two years after I separated, I found a nice guy and started dating. We have been together for 10 months, in a respectful and ethical relationship. I have a beautiful and close family, my father is loving and my son is perfect.” I guess that’s one good thing to come out of this!
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