If She Intimidates You, She’s Definitely Worth Dating

If She Intimidates You, She’s Definitely Worth Dating ©iStock/SrdjanPav

Why is it that women who are killing it in life are often the least successful in love? She’s got a great career, an amazing personality, lots of family and friends and self-confidence to spare, so why can’t she get a date? Probably because too many guys are intimidated by her. Turns out, that might be exactly what makes her even more dateable — here’s why:

  1. She’s strong because she’s been through tough crap. An intimidating woman is one who is merely protecting her assets. She’s been to dark places before, and she never wants to see them again. With her, if you show her you have good intentions, her walls eventually begin to fall away. When they do, get ready to see a completely different side of her — one that you never imagined existed.
  2. She’s smart because she’s learned her lessons. She’s not too smart for you, she’s just smart for herself. Because of her life experiences, she’s learned valuable lessons to shape her into the woman she is and she carries them with her. She’s educated not only through books, but in life too — and that’s the kind of woman you want standing next to you.
  3. She’s wise to BS and she won’t put up with it. It’s not just that she’ll put you in line if you’re being a d-bag to her — she does it to others too. She’s the type of woman you don’t have to worry about when you’re not around; she knows how to stand up for herself.
  4. She’s passionately driven. An intimidating woman is one that is driven in life and doesn’t stop chasing goals to improve not only her own life, but yours too if you’re with her. She won’t sit back and hope that life gives her a miracle — she goes out and chases that miracle herself.
  5. She’ll challenge you in all the right ways. If you want someone who’s passive towards your jerk remarks or someone who merely cheers on your ambitions, by all means, don’t dabble in the life of an intimidating woman. If you want someone who will sass back your banter and not just encourage you to be greater but help make it happen, then hold on to this woman and never let her go.
  6. She’s not into petty games. This woman won’t play any games with you or toy with your emotions — she doesn’t have time for that crap. She won’t withhold text responses or act aloof to try to bait you into liking her more. She’s a “take me as I am or watch me as I go” type of woman and she’s 100% real with you 100% of the way, always.
  7. She’s only hard on the outside. As much as she seems extremely guarded on the outside, it’s only because she knows whats inside is worth protecting — and she doesn’t give her heart away to just anyone. If you’re patient with her and show her that you’re not another player, she’ll show you the polar opposite side of the intimidating side you see upfront.
  8. She loves as hard as she comes across. Everything you initially thought about her is completely wrong. She might give off a tough vibe and seem like she’s not approachable or open to romance, but if you actually take the time to get to know her to find out why she is the way she is, you’ll appreciate her in ways you didn’t think you would. Her love beneath the hard shell is some of the realest love you’ll ever feel. The intimidating woman isn’t just one who strikes fear into you in the beginning — she’s a woman who’s strong for have being broken and tested before. She survived and she’s patiently awaiting that one special guy who will dig deep to discover the best parts of her inside.