Introvert Hangovers Are Real & Totally Exhausting

For introverts, socializing takes a lot of emotional, mental, and even physical energy. It’s not that we don’t enjoy other people’s company, it’s just that we enjoy our own company most of all. That’s why we feel so drained afterward—the introvert hangover is too real.

Without time to recharge, introverts become completely unbalanced.

As clinical psychologist Michael Alcee, Ph.D. told Elite Daily, introverts require “a regular supply and connection to their inner energy” in combination with very limited socialization time. When we don’t get it, that’s when introvert hangovers occur.

What is an introvert hangover anyway?

Alcee describes it as feeling “drained and unmotivated” after spending a lot of time socializing. If you’re an introvert, you know exactly what this feels like. Whether you’ve been on a family vacation, entertaining friends from out of town, or even just chilling with your boyfriend a little too much, it can seriously take its toll on you.

Only you know when you’ve had enough.

The amount of socialization an introvert can take before needing to get away and recharge varies on the individual. Maybe you can party all night on Friday but need Saturday and Sunday to chill solo. Maybe you can only cope with an hour or so on a weeknight and that’ll do you for the week. It’s totally down to you.

How do you know when you’re in the danger zone?

While all introverts can handle different levels of socialization, you should learn to spot the warning signs that it’s time to take a break. Becoming disinterested in what you’re doing/the conversations you’re having, feeling irritated for no reason, or even feeling physically tired are all indicators of an impending introvert hangover, according to Elite Daily. Learning to recognize these signs will save you a lot of trouble.

At the end of the day, make sure you take time for yourself.

As an introvert myself, I know all too well how terrible it can feel when I’ve overdone it with the socialization. Ensure that your well-being is a priority and make sure you’re getting the time and space you need to feel good.

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