It’s Time To Start Investing In Yourself, Not In Finding “The One”

Many of us have spent countless hours swiping right and left in hopes of finding our happy ending, but I’d like to present an alternative to the search for love: investing in yourself. I promise it’ll be the best investment you ever make. Here’s how to do it:

Write a list of what you want to accomplish.

Instead of waiting for Prince Charming to tell you what you’re going to do with the rest of your life, why not write a list of what YOU want to do? Whether it be traveling to a specific country or starting your own business, use this list as a reminder of your visions and goals for your life.

Find what you love.

Some of us never find what we truly love to do because we’re so busy taking up the hobbies of our friends or significant others. Break this cycle by taking a class, joining a group, or trying something you’ve always wanted to do. You never know — your life’s passion may be just around the corner.

Expand your mind through reading.

These days, we receive information via Facebook posts and 140-character tweets. While we’ve become accustomed to short blurbs, don’t underestimate the power of a paperback. Books have the ability to build knowledge, stimulate your brain, widen your vocabulary, and improve your memory. They also possess the power to change your perception and, quite possibly, your life.

Turn off your phone.

Our phones aren’t doing us any favors in helping us to be present. Take regular breaks from technology with the intention of focusing on you. Whether it’s just during the ride to work or for an entire weekend, the lack of interruption and temptation to scroll through Instagram will help you stay a little more sane.


There’s no greater way to journey deeper into yourself than traveling the world. Exposure to different cultures, people, and locations has the ability to encourage creativity, appreciation, and awareness in a way sitting on your couch just can’t compete with. If you don’t have the ability to plan an epic trip, take a weekend jaunt to a new city or a solo-backpacking trip to reap the same benefits.

Get to know your needs.

Maybe it’s a bath every night at 10 p.m. or a daily morning trip to the gym you need to make yourself satisfied in life. When you’re single, there are no emotional attachments or undercurrents coloring your perception, making it a perfect time to establish what your own needs are outside of a relationship.

Practice thankfulness.

It’s easy to get sidetracked by all the things you don’t have going for you. Make it an everyday routine to remind yourself of specific things that you’re thankful for. A positive mindset does wonders for your mental health and makes you a happier person in general.

Start a habit.

Make your physical, mental, and spiritual health a priority. Integrate a productive, positive habit into your daily routine. Learn to meditate. Teach yourself how to play the ukulele. Ride your bike to work. Tell yourself you’re beautiful as soon as you see yourself in the mirror each morning.


You don’t have to be thirteen to keep a diary. Take five minutes a day to record your emotions, thoughts, feelings, or ideas. Use writing to blow off steam when you’re upset, record your hopes for the future, or try to figure out why you’re so bummed. Writing is not only therapeutic, it also serves as a concrete reminder of our growth when we look back at how far we’ve come.

Do something new.

Investing in yourself is all about focusing on growing to be a better human. This happens in so many different ways, but it usually means breaking out of your routine. Speak up when you’re usually quiet. Take a walk instead of loafing on the couch. Start a conversation with a stranger. Drive in silence instead of blaring music. Whatever it is, push yourself outside your comfort zone by breaking up the monotony of everyday life.

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