This Iron Throne Pet Bed Will Allow Your Furry Friend To Rule The Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones may no longer be on the air, but all true fans (and The North) remember and still love the HBO series as much as ever. If that sounds like you and you also happen to be the owner of a dog, cat, or another small animal, you might be interested in this Iron Throne pet bed from the Etsy boutique Made For Pets. Not only is it handmade, it’s also pretty fierce, so your four-legged friend will be ruling the Seven Kingdoms in no time.

  1. This is such a cool idea! Kate Agafonova, who runs Made For Pets, reveals in the item description that she was inspired to try making an Iron Throne pet bed after a fan of her shop suggested it. “I’m so excited to show you Iron Throne cat bed. I had a lot of fun while making it. And thanks to my customer for this idea!” she writes. “For all fans of Game of Thrones, a large and cozy Throne for your pet. I’m sure that your pet deserves it, and if you do not have a pet yet, then you will get it!”

    It’s super soft and comfy for your pet to relax in. The bed is made of a soft foam rubber and covered in a super soft fabric that your pet will love lounging in. In addition to all the decorative elements, there’s a soft pillow inside the bed that’s filled with a cozy “air material” that cats apparently like to massage with their paws! Because it has soft side rails, your pet can feel secure and enclosed inside of it, which is great.

  2. Technically speaking, two pets can fit inside. If you have two small animals like two cats, a small cat and a dog, or two small dogs, both of them could share this bed and cuddle up together while they rest. Or, as the shop owner points out, they can fight it out to see who gets to sit upon the Iron Throne. It measures 24″ length х 17″ width х 31″ height so it won’t take up too much room in your house but it will look pretty cool wherever you put it.
  3. Want to order one? Head over to the Made For Pets Etsy store. Because these beautiful beds are handmade, they will cost you a bit of money (about $285 plus shipping) but they’ll be totally worth it. You can order your own Iron Throne pet bed HERE or check out the other amazing offerings in the shop HERE.
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