Is He A Keeper? 7 Hidden Ways To Tell

Let’s face it, we all want to find Mister Right. Who doesn’t want to get swept off their feet by a modern-day Prince Charming? But how do you sort through the diamonds-in-the-rough? How do you know when he is truly a ‘keeper’?

Buying you flowers on Valentine’s Day, making an effort to get along with your friends… these are all things that any man should bring to the table, period. But, what about those little things he does for you that often go unnoticed? It’s often the small things that actually make the biggest impact in a relationship.

Here are a few key hidden signs to think about when dating that will help you distinguish the ‘keepers’ from the losers.

He doesn’t wait until you text him.

He’s over his frat days of playing hard-to-get. He’s not going to wait until you text him to reach out. He loves you, and wants to communicate with you regularly because he simply enjoys talking to you. He knows that games don’t work if he wants a meaningful relationship with you. He’ll text you throughout the day to check up on you, and call you to see how your day is going.

He lets you vent.

A ‘keeper’ is very in tune with his woman, and knows when she is upset. If you’re having a rough work day, he’s there to listen. He encourages you to vent and let go of your problems. He wants to be your source of calm and solution in times of frustration. He knows that both of you can be honest with one another and that you are both always on each other’s side.

He doesn’t check his phone.

We all check our phones, and he too is definitely tech-savvy in today’s society. However, when he’s on a date with you, he’s present. He listens to you, asks if you want another drink, and makes sure you are having a good time. Instagram can wait; he wants to be in tune and give you his full attention so you too can enjoy the evening and be fully present on the date.

He knows about your job.

Your job is such an important part of your life; it’s how you make a living and where you spend the majority of your time. He likely has a good job as well, but isn’t conceited when it comes to work. He knows what you do, and who you interact with every day. He actually has a genuine interest in your job, and is always there for a helpful suggestion when you need a boost at work.

He plans a date night at least once a week.

You’ll likely make plans together, but he makes an effort to plan a romantic date night at least once a week. He knows that sitting down for a close dinner with just the two of you can help you reset at the end of a long week. He’ll take charge and make the reservation and date night plans, but will always consult you to make sure you’re both on the same page.

He doesn’t need you to babysit his conversations.

When he meets your friends, he’s comfortable and amiable. He makes conversation easily with new people, and makes an effort to get to know your friends and family because he understands how important they are to you. When you go to your best friend’s birthday party, you don’t have to be facilitating his conversation every minute. He’s able to hold his own, and wants to win over your friends.

He tells you how beautiful you are.

He assumes you know how beautiful you are, but makes sure to tell you each and every day how attracted he is to you. He wants you to know just how beautiful you really are, and that you’re the only woman he wants to be with. He even appreciates your quirks, and finds beauty in you every single day.

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