Is He A Player? 10 Signs You’re Not The Only Woman In His Life

Unless you’re openly polyamorous and looking to date casually, chances are monogamy is on your mind when you start seeing someone new. However, it’s important to be sure that the guy you’re dating is on the same page. Does he only have eyes for you or is he a player? Keep an eye out for these signs that he has other women on the go even though he’s with you.

  1. You don’t feel like you have his attention. He’s always doing something else or about to go somewhere and even when you’re with him, he’s not completely engaged with you. He’s on his phone and he’s even chatting to other women at the bar when buying drinks. He just can’t help himself.
  2. He’s a little too attentive. Sometimes you don’t struggle to get his attention and you honestly feel like a queen when you’re with him. He showers you with attention and even gifts and makes you feel great. However, it’s all for one thing and this soon stops once he gets what he wants or if he realizes he won’t get it with you. It’s called overcompensation and it’s usually totally transparent.
  3. He only messages first after a couple of drinks. We all know a drunk text when we get one and they usually have only one purpose. Plus, that text may or may not have been sent to a few people. It’s up to you whether you reply and if you do message back and then don’t get a response after that, you can bet he went with another option.
  4. He goes days between texting. Sometimes you can’t seem to get rid of him and other days he’s non-existent. You don’t know where you stand or what he’s doing when he’s not with you. Getting him to confirm plans is like drawing blood. He never wants to say yes to anything until the last minute. This may be because he’s waiting for better offers or just wants to hang out with friends. Either way, you aren’t exactly a priority.
  5. He hangs out with some suspicious characters. A guy’s friends can tell you a lot about the guy you’re dating. If he’s friends with them, he’s going to have things in common with them. If they seem immature or just want to play the field, then chances are your guy is probably the same. If they’re all settled down and have successful careers, chances are your guy is more likely to want this too.
  6. When he does go out with friends, it’s radio silence. You don’t hear anything and he’s silent the next day too. You can’t ask him anything without him getting annoyed and know it’s probably not worth knowing. When he does finally come back on the scene, he’s usually very good at making it up to you.
  7. He’s never more than a hand’s width from his phone. His phone is permanently at his side and when he’s with you he’s always texting someone else, but when you message him, he’s slow to respond to you, if he does at all. What’s he doing when he’s not with you all the time?
  8. He has lots of beautiful female “friends.” On the rare occasions you do go out, he always has women saying an overly friendly hi to him and they aren’t put off that he’s with another woman. This says one thing: they’re used to seeing him with other women and they’re not all that bothered. Yes, all individuals can be friends, but when the line is blurred, it can be a sign that he’s a bit of a player.
  9. He’s way too cocky. At first, this was attractive – a confident man is great. But is he actually just a bit cocky and just expecting everyone to love him and want to talk to him? Is he actually all that? A guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to women is likely getting off with plenty of them.
  10. He never wants to meet your friends and family. Any time you mention him coming with you to an occasion where your family will be present, he has an excuse. Either that, or it’s just not on the table for discussion from the get-go because you just know it’ll never happen. He doesn’t want to commit and become a permanent fixture in your life because he has no intention of becoming your boyfriend.