Is He Flirting With You Via Text? Here’s How You Know His Messages Are More Than Friendly

Your relationship with this guy pretty much only exists via text, making it difficult to tell what his motives are. Sure, some of the things he says seem pretty suggestive, but you’re just not sure if there’s more there. Is he flirting with you or just joking around? Without body language and hearing the tone of his voice to help you decipher his meaning, you’re often left in the lurch. Here are some subtle nuances you can look out for to know if his messages are more than friendly.

  1. He shows genuine concern for your daily life. Is your guy texting you every morning or night and asking you about your day while actually caring about the answers? Sure, friends should do this too, but a guy who seems preoccupied with your well-being more than even your girlfriends are definitely has a case of the feels.
  2. He takes time to respond to messages for a good reason. You might think that late responses aren’t a good sign, but that’s definitely not the case. When you’re engaged in a conversation that’s more than idle chit-chat, this calls for thoughtful responses, and these things take time. If he’s basically writing you mini novels in response to something you said and seems extra engaged in the discussion, you can rest assured there’s something there.
  3. He’s not shy about initiating texts. If he’s often the first one texting you before you’ve even had the chance to reach out, he’s secretly telling you that he likes you. Even if you’re the one to kick off a conversation, if he tries to engage with you and his replies mostly end with follow-up questions, it’s a strong sign that he’s interested in you and everything you have to say.
  4. He compliments, teases, and shares jokes with you. A guy who’s seriously into you won’t shy away from complimenting you and coming up with different ways to make you laugh. Oh, and don’t forget the nicknames!  If you’ve gone from Elizabeth to Liz or he makes up a fun nickname that no one else calls you, he’s creating a close connection with you. If he teases you, well, it’s a no-brainer he has a thing for you. We learned that back in elementary school!
  5. He’s always fishing for your relationship status. A guy who’s interested in you will want to know your relationship status to determine if he has a shot with you. Maybe he’ll say things about being single that could lead you to respond with “Oh, me too!” This way, he’ll know whether or not to pursue things further. If you don’t want to play the guessing game, take charge of the situation by telling them about your long-term and short-term dating plans, and if he’s interested, his response will tell you all you need to know.
  6. He remembers all the little things you say. Most people can’t remember every little detail about the people they speak to throughout the day. If the guy you’re texting remembers the small things or brings up similar topics because he recalls something you said that’s related, then he clearly likes you. It shows he’s paying attention and committing what you say to memory.
  7. He flirts with you but respects your boundaries. There is a fine line between being too forward and respectfully flirting with you. If he’s sending you cute messages and flirty emojis but never crosses the line into being gross or crass, then he obviously likes you more deeply. Not only that, but it bodes well for his long-term relationship prospects.
  8. He doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions. If he asks you about your family, friends, and how you like to spend your free time, that’s a good sign but pretty basic. If he gets into the hard stuff, like what you struggle with and what your biggest goals are in life, that indicates a deeper interest. You don’t want a relationship to be one-sided, so if you’re showing interest in his life and hobbies but he isn’t doing the same, then it’s probably not going to work.
  9. He hints or outright asks about meeting up in person. This is a huge sign that the guy you’re texting is interested in you! He won’t mind telling you what he’d prefer doing if you were together in the same place instead of sending texts back and forth. If he constantly talks about hanging out or even initiates plans to do so, take that as a clear sign that he wants to be more than just friends. Go for it!
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