Is He Going To Propose? 8 Signs He’s About To Ask You To Be His Wife

This is one of the most fun, high-stakes guessing games that you can play in a relationship. It’s funny because lots of the characteristics of a guy who is about to propose are extremely similar to a guy who is sneaking around and cheating on you! It’s a toxic thought, but we were all thinking it. There’s nothing nicer than being in a committed relationship and having the space and time to reflect on their behaviors and decode their plans. Bless them for trying to keep the secret, but we’re all government spies in disguise when we need information, right? Here are some ways that he might be hinting he’s about to propose.

  1. He talks to your friends more. Have you noticed that after a fun selection of group hangs when you first met, there’s been a strange pattern of activity between him and your best mates now? Are there more texts flowing and coffee dates than there were before? Do they both grin when you mention it and get quiet? Suspicious idiots – but you love them. Consider what they might be collaborating on and planning. I’ll bet you’ll love it, whatever it is.
  2. He sneaks around more. Does he seem nervous to you, or is it just work deadlines? Are we engaging in some gentle romantic gaslighting here so that he can distract your attention? He knows how you are with Christmas presents, always looking to see what he got you and unable to let sleeping dogs lie. He knows he needs to cover his tracks. This is where it starts to sound a little dodgy, isn’t it? We must simply keep the faith and know that our foolish partners are trying to pull one over on us, one way or another. If he seems more on edge and aware of your every movement, it’s probably because he’s in defense mode. Making sure that you’re kept away from whatever he’s planning. If you want to really rile him up, ask him why he’s stressed and see what lie he can come up with on the spot.
  3. He met your parents without telling you. This is a big red flashing neon sign. If you notice a return train ticket on the kitchen table to your hometown, you might allow yourself a small smile to yourself. He thinks he’s so subtle, bless him. It’s actually a sign of great intimacy that you know each other’s habits so well. He’ll probably be avoiding you because he doesn’t like keeping things from you. He wants to do things right, and for him, that means going the traditional route and asking your dad for permission.
  4. He sends you to get your nails done. An all-expense-paid trip to the spa with your closest friends? Well, if you say so. This is getting into higher-stakes territory here. Ladies, it’s time to make sure you’re moisturizing and keeping your hands engagement picture-ready at all times. I’m mostly joking – of course, you will enjoy your enjoyment whatever your hands look like! Just stay quiet and let yourself be led to a weekend of self-care. Honestly, he probably just wants you out the way so he can organize!
  5. He tells you to keep a weekend free. But he doesn’t explain himself. This only invites more questions and a sense of mystery, but we can’t blame him for not being an international super spy. That’s our job. Plus, no proposal should ever be totally out of the left field. You should have both openly discussed it and communicated expectations about children, pets, houses, etc. So, don’t worry that you’re ruining the buzz. Done right, everyone knows exactly what’s happening on the sly.
  6. He gets a haircut. Maybe even a new pair of jeans. You know what’s coming. Either it’s school picture day or you’re about to get engaged. Encourage him and meet him halfway and please pay attention – so many women don’t even realize they’re being proposed to when it’s happening! Be in the moment.
  7. He seems different. He will be odd for a few weeks while he’s organizing your engagement and making your day special. Roping in all the requisite family members and friends and trying not to miss anything out. It won’t be a permanent change.
  8. He’s nervous. Bless him. I know he loves to plan the holidays, but this is a whole different ball game. Make sure he knows how much you appreciate him during these stages. He might feel a little remote from you because he’s juggling so many things, but it won’t be forever.

I hope that if you have successfully predicted your partner’s moves you have a wonderful engagement in the near future. If he’s sneaking around and hasn’t proposed, however, maybe check in on that too.

Hannah has a Masters degree in Romantic and Victorian literature in Scotland and spends her spare time writing anything from essays to short fiction about the life and times of the frogs in her local pond! She loves musical theatre, football, anything with potatoes, and remains a firm believer that most of the problems in this world can be solved by dancing around the kitchen to ABBA. You can find her on Instagram at @_hannahvic.