Is He Going To Propose? Signs He’s Thinking About Asking You To Marry Him

It’s not like you’re in any rush to get married, but you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while now and you can totally picture him as your husband. While you don’t want to push him into popping the question before he’s ready and you’re more than happy to wait for that, you definitely wouldn’t say no if he asked. Is he preparing himself to make you his wife? Here’s how you know he’s going to propose very soon.

  1. He’s been acting like a cheapskate lately. He’s never been tight with money, but all of a sudden he wants to squirrel all his cash away and is cutting corners in his budget to avoid spending money. While you could totally use some of his budgeting skills, it’s also a bit weird. Since when is “we have food at home” a valid response to your request to get McDonald’s? Rude! Luckily, he’s probably about to make it up to you by asking you to marry him.
  2. He’s taken an interest in the jewelry you wear every day. One of the most obvious signs he’s going to propose soon is if he’s all up in your business when it comes to jewelry. Generally speaking, he barely even notices the earrings or rings you wear, but all of a sudden he’s asking questions about your favorite stones and checking out your silver and gold like it’s his job. Real subtle, pal! (But super cute.)
  3. He’s acting awkward around you for no reason. There are admittedly many reasons this could be happening, and if this is the only sign you relate to on this list, I wouldn’t get your hopes up that he’s about to propose. However, if it’s one of many signs you recognize, it’s probably just because he’s freaking out inside about asking you to be his wife and realizing what a big step you’re taking together in life.
  4. He’s loving talking about the future. It’s not as if he’s ever shied away from talking about your future together, but if it seems like he’s suddenly super into it and bringing it up often, that’s a pretty big sign that he’s preparing to propose. It means he’s gotten his head around the idea of being with you forever and he’s anxious to get started on this next phase of your lives. How sweet is that?
  5. He actually doesn’t mind attending other people’s weddings these days. He used to hate going to friends’ weddings, but not anymore! Suddenly he’s totally happy to attend and stay out dancing and celebrating other couples’ love until the early mornings. What is up with your boyfriend, man? He’s probably daydreaming about when you guys have your own wedding.
  6. He’s suddenly the ideal boyfriend. This is a biggie. If he’s suddenly left his bachelor lifestyle behind and is super serious about being the ideal partner all of a sudden, that’s a sign of big changes ahead. He’s making you meals, cleaning up the house, and not going out drinking so often because he’s trying to show you what a good husband he’ll be.
  7. He wants to hang out with your parents. Your parents may be pretty cool, but if your boyfriend seems extra keen to have them around, it could be because he wants to tell them about his plan to propose and make sure he has their blessing. (Yes, some guys still believe in this very outdated tradition. Let him live!)
  8. He plans a big romantic night out and it’s not even your anniversary. Oooh, boy. While you shouldn’t go into a night like this expecting a ring at the end of it, don’t be surprised if one comes! You could go into the date as a girlfriend and come out as a fiancee. How exciting is that?
Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill