Is He Interested In Me? How You Can Tell When A Guy Really Likes You

Mixed signals, playful texts, late-night taco dinners… Is it potential love or just friendship? It’s impossible to figure out where you stand sometimes and to know whether or not a guy is interested in you. Before you spend any more time agonizing, pay attention to these signs that will let you know he’s into you as more than a friend.

He questions your relationship status. Sometimes, guys won’t be as direct as to flat out ask, “Do you have a boyfriend?” If he does, great! That means he’s interested. If he doesn’t, he’ll indirectly ask or talk about being single. That’ll then be your cue to put his curiosity to rest.

He talks about his future plans. It’s hard not to question the status of where a budding friendship could go when he talks about the future. Don’t think he’s thinking of leaving you behind. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He’s speculating where you fit into his plans. It’s a good idea to jump into these conversations so you can gauge if you’re both on the same page with important things.

He touches you. Now, now, not in a creepy, stay-clear-of-this-guy kind of way. It’s more subtle. Think of it more in a rom-com kind of way. A brush of the hand, a touch on the shoulder, hello and goodbye hugs. It’s his way of saying he’s attracted to you.

He wants to see you in broad daylight. Okay, get your mind out of the gutter; that’s not what we’re talking about here. There’s a big difference between a booty call and a real chance for a romantic (read: not a one-sided) relationship. If he only calls for a date on Friday nights…drop him. Hence, he’s only interested in one thing. A guy who’s interested wants to spend time with you during the day. That means hiking, morning coffee dates, taking a day trip. He wants your company more than what’s in your pants.

Your conversations are meaningful and constant. Guys aren’t always ones for small talk. But, if he’s interested, you’ll come to find he talks a lot. The best part is that he’ll put in the effort to make the first move often. That means you’ll wake up to good morning texts and he’ll initiate the topics. The convos between you two will be more than what you did that day and will move on to more serious territory.

He shows up when you’re sick. When you’re feeling unwell, expect him to want to help out. That could mean in the form of bringing you chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, or something you say you’ve been craving. It’s just another way of showing he cares.

He makes eye contact. Just like with touching, eye contact is him indirectly saying he’s interested. He’s showing he’s paying attention. Not only that, but the amount of eye contact tells a lot about his intentions. If you’re talking and his eyes start wandering around the room, it’s safe to assume he’s not interested, especially if he does this often. And no, it’s not because you’re talking a lot! Even if you are, he’ll maintain eye contact because he likes you.

He peacocks. Sounds silly, but guys follow suit with peacocks when it comes to impressing someone they like. He won’t go parading down the street doing a ridiculous dance, however. (If he does, well, you’ll have to decide if you like that sort of thing.) “Peacocking” refers to him attracting your attention. Maybe he’ll be loud or assertive when you two are out or maybe he’ll be subtle and just stand up straighter. Of course, don’t play into obnoxious behavior for the sake of being nice. Remind him that exuding “alpha” qualities doesn’t mean it’s okay to be rude. Sometimes guys just get caught up with trying to impress the ones they really like.

He looks for your reaction. Whether you’re with a group of friends or it’s just the two of you alone, if he cracks a joke, expect him to look to you first. He wants to know what you think. And, in a weird way, if he has your approval. This lets him know if he needs to change up his flirting game to garner your attention or to better impress you.

He gets jealous. Let me preface this by saying there’s a difference between jealousy and obsessive behavior. Jealousy, in most cases, is just a normal response that doesn’t elicit a negative reaction. Obsessive behavior, on the other hand, indicates a need to keep someone isolated. For this, let’s just focus on jealousy as a way of him signaling he wants you as more than a friend. If he sees you talking to other guys in public, expect him to want to jump into the conversation to win your attention. He’ll also want to take you away (in a non-menacing way) from anyone else that can flirt with you.

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