Is He The One? This Is How You’ll Know

It’s easy to get disillusioned about dating when no matter how much you put yourself out there and how hard you try to meet a great guy, you always end up disappointed in the end. Don’t give up — when the right guy finally enters your life, all of the crap will be worth it. How will you know when you’ve finally met “The One”? You’ll notice these things happening:

You vibe with him like no one before. When you meet the right guy, you just click. There aren’t any awkward silences between the two of you and you get each other immediately. You can vibe with all different kinds of people, but there’s a difference between getting along and getting each other. You and this guy are on the same page.

The kisses make you feel like you’re walking on air. There’s always this awkward part of the first kiss when you’re both trying to get into each other’s rhythm, but when you meet “The One,” there’s none of that. The clumsiness that usually comes with kissing someone new is non-existent. It’s a kiss straight out of the movies, like you’re lips were made to lock. That fireworks feeling continues every single time you kiss after, too.

You fit perfectly together. Cuddling, hand-holding and the like are all parts of being with someone, but when you just get together, it can be a little awkward as you get to know each other’s bodies and preferences. Maybe the cuddling isn’t as comfortable until you find a good position for both of you and his hand doesn’t quite ‘fit’ in yours. But with the guy you’re meant to be with, it’s nothing like that. You physically fit perfectly together from day one.

He looks at you like he can see into your soul. There’s a huge difference between a guy who looks at you and a guy that looks *into* you. It’s like you can feel him without ever having to touch him at all because of some otherworldly connection you seem to have. You won’t be able to hide anything from him because he’ll really see you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

He makes you want to be better. Without him, you’re a well-rounded, kickass person, but when he comes into your life, all the goals you’ve set for yourself suddenly become even more attainable. He encourages you, supports you and pushes you to be the very best version of yourself you can be and to go after everything you want in life and with him by your side, you feel even closer to making it happen.

You happily embrace his flaws and vice-versa. This guy isn’t perfect — no one is. You both know it, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to accept people’s flaws. However, when it comes to the things that would usually have you running for the hills with other guys, you won’t want to with him. You would never use his less than admirable qualities as reasons not to be with him because you’re too busy seeing them as proof that not only is he amazing, he’s also very real. And what’s even better is that he feels exactly the same about you.

Picturing a future with him is impossible. You try not to get too far ahead of yourself at the risk of not enjoying the here and now, but that’s easier said than done. You can’t help thinking about marriage and kids and all that fun stuff you tend to get anxious about because you can see it all so perfectly with him. When you picture the rest of your life, he’s always there.

He makes you want things you never wanted before. If you’re the type of girl who hates the idea of marriage, family and being someone’s mother, he may just change your views on that — not because he wants you to change but because suddenly, those things naturally seem more appealing with him in your life. The foreign will become the future, and that’s how you know for certain he’s not just another boyfriend.

He brings out the best in you. When you’re with the right guy, every good quality you possess will be amplified. His presence alone brings out the very best parts of you that you may have kept hidden away or didn’t even know you had.

He challenges you. You won’t always see eye to eye and he’ll never be afraid to call you out on your BS. If you’re saying something dumb or just plain acting a fool, he’s right there to tell you to smarten up because he knows how brilliant you are. He won’t be cruel about it, but he won’t let you sell yourself short even if it means a confrontation every now and again.

You aren’t afraid to be yourself around him. When it comes to dating, people tend to keep a part of themselves hidden away, and I’m sure you’re no different. You may even have a hard time letting people in at all, but with him, all you want for him to do is break down those walls. And the best part is, as he’s breaking them down, you’ll be so happy to let him.

You ‘re finally over playing dating games.  You aren’t trying to play hard to get or holding yourself back from texting him when you want to text him. You don’t feel the need to play any dumb games when it comes to him because you know you’re right for each other. It’s as simple as that.

You just know. When it comes to knowing “The One” when you’ve found him, it’s something you can just feel. The way you feel about him will be incomparable even if you’ve been in love a million times before. Does this sound like your guy?

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