Is He Ready For A Relationship? Sign He’s Emotionally Mature Enough For Love

There’s nothing worse than getting into a relationship with a guy thinking you’re on the same page only to find out that he’s not actually ready to commit to being a good partner (or much of a partner at all). Before you waste your time and energy and get your heart broken, here are some signs that he’s actually ready for a relationship and is emotionally mature enough to handle one.

  1. He doesn’t freak out when you get too close. One of the biggest signs that a guy isn’t ready for a relationship is that when things start to get a little too real, his first instinct is to bail. It’s like all of a sudden, he realizes he’s a grown man in an adult relationship and he just can’t cope. If your guy not only stays calm when you get close but actively pulls you closer, this is a pretty good sign.
  2. He initiates talk about the future. Ofentimes, it can feel like women are the ones who have to broach the topic of a shared future. Sometimes guys go along with it to keep us happy even though they’re secretly freaking out about it. However, it’s refreshing when you have a guy in your life who actually likes talking about what you’ll do together in months and years to come and actually brings this up himself. It means he’s in it for the long haul.
  3. He’s not afraid to let you get to know the real him. Guys who aren’t ready for a relationship are more likely to push you away because they’re not emotionally intelligent enough to know how to have close, intimate relationships. This is the complete opposite when you meet someone who’s mature and in touch with his feelings. It means you can actually get to know who he is as a person and what makes him tick. He knows that part of building your bond as a couple means letting you see the parts of him he’s not that proud of, and that’s such a gift.
  4. He makes you a priority. Gone are the days of immature little boys who are too busy playing the field to prioritize you and instead leave you on the backburner for when they get bored and/or horny. This guy actually priotizes you and no matter how busy he is or what else is going on, he makes sure you know that you’re an important part of his life. That means a lot.
  5. You’re close with his family and friends. He’s not only introduced you to his friends and family, you’ve actually hung out with them at parties and other events several times and they know and love you. This means you’re fully integrated into his “pack” and that he wants to keep you around for a long time to come.
  6. He’s always checking in. Inconsiderate guys don’t bother to check in with you because they don’t feel like they owe it to you/it’s any of your business. A guy who’s ready for a relationship understands that it’s important to maintain communication with his partner so that you don’t worry or wonder what’s going on. It’s common courtesy to let your partner know what’s up, and he never lets you down in this regard.
  7. He knows how to fight fair. There comes a time in every relationship when you disagree or fight about something. That’s not a problem so long as you both know how to fight fair. A guy who’s ready for a relationship won’t restore to low blows or insults when you’re at odds. Instead, he’ll do what he can to help you both come to an understanding and get back on good terms.
  8. He cares about your thoughts and feelings. He values your opinions and cares about your feelings, so he always takes them into account when he’s doing something. He not only makes sure he doesn’t hurt you or cause you unnecessary stress or confusion, but he also wants your input on the things he’s doing in life, especially since that life heavily involves you. It’s really lovely!
  9. He’s good with compromise. You can’t have a healthy relationship without being willing to compromise, and both of you need to be willing to make concessions if it’s going to work. If he’s always happy to meet you halfway, you’re on a good path to relationship success.
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