Is He Ready To Say “I Love You”? 12 Ways To Tell

There’s nothing like that period in a relationship between when you’re first getting to know each other and when you’re full-on lazing about on each other’s sofa cutting your toenails. This lovely honeymoon period usually begins with three simple words: I love you. Will he say it? When? Should you say it first? There’s plenty to agonize over, but if you really want to know if those three little words are in your future, I’m here to help.

Here are 12 signs that he’s about to confess his love.

  1. He’s eager to see you… Even though you’ve just spent the last few days together.
  2. He’s planning a “special night”. Nothing says “I love you” more than your man making a romantic gesture, especially if it’s a little out of the norm for you two.
  3. He uses the word “we” instead of “I”. When he starts changing his use of pronouns it means that he sees the 2 of you as inseparable.
  4. He’s suggested making things more serious. Is he encouraging making some changes, or taking some steps, that imply that you guys are getting more serious? Swapping apartment keys, giving you a drawer at his place, or even going on a week-long vacation are all signs that he’s taking this relationship seriously and an “I love you” is in your near future.
  5. He’s talking around it. He’s saying it, but he’s not saying it. It’s frustrating, I know. If you feel the same way, then be the brave one and say it first.
  6. He encourages you to stay at his place more often. “Oh no, you don’t need to get a taxi. Just stay over and I’ll drive you home in the morning”.
  7. He offers to do nice things for you… without you ever having to hint, or straight out ask, him to. If he’s trying to make your life easier or happier, it means he cares enough about you that it’s bordering on love.
  8. He’s willing to ditch his friends to hang out with you. Ah, the honeymoon stage. If you’re his main priority now, even over his friends, it means he’s falling pretty hard.
  9. He goes out of his way to pick you up after a night out. If there’s one thing that most guys love, it’s their sleep. But your guy would rather forgo that to pick you up after a night out with your pals… that means he really does care.
  10. He remembers your “firsts”. Oh, that was the 12th of April that that happened? Damn. I didn’t even remember that one.
  11. He can’t help but smile when he’s with you. You catch him staring at you and smiling all the time… he just can’t help himself! He’s in love!
  12. You can feel his heart racing when your head is against his chest. Is he about to say it? Here’s hoping, you lucky gal!
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