Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? A Guy Shares 10 Signs He’s Not Being Faithful

Nothing makes you feel more helpless than learning that your partner is cheating on you. Trust me, ladies, I’ve been there myself. The worst is when you have no idea it’s happening and the news leaves you blindsided. Even if it doesn’t always seem like it, most of us are better off knowing that it’s happening sooner rather than later. With that in mind, I wanted to pull back the curtain a little and share a few common signs that can indicate that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

You’re no longer his plus-one.

Whether it’s a wedding, his office holiday party, or a night out with his friends, there’s something fishy going on if you’ve lost plus-one privileges. It doesn’t always mean he’s taking someone else, but there’s certainly a reason why he doesn’t want you there. One possibility is that he’s cheating on you with someone who will be there and doesn’t want his two paramours in the same place.

He’s suddenly more attentive.

Okay, so you don’t want to believe the worst when a guy starts doing more housework or being more attentive to your needs. After all, maybe he’s growing up and this is a sign of maturity. Unfortunately, that behavior could also mean he’s overcompensating for his infidelity. If this happens, you can at least take some solace knowing he feels bad. Either that or he doesn’t want you to get suspicious.

He accuses you of cheating.

If you make an accusation of cheating against your boyfriend, a guy who’s guilty will likely accuse you of the same. I mean, it’s not the most mature or well-thought-out defense, which is why cheaters use it. A guy who’s cheating will always try to take the spotlight off himself. He’ll do this by going on the offensive and question your fidelity so that you’ll stop questioning his. Again, most men who cheat aren’t exactly the mature type.

There’s a change in his appearance.

A general rule in cheating is that it often accompanies a sudden change of some sort. That change sometimes comes in a guy’s appearance. Has your boyfriend made a change to his physical appearance or is trying to dress better? In fairness, it’s possible he just wants to improve himself. However, it’s also possible he wants to look his best for someone else. If he doesn’t give you a good reason for the change, infidelity is at least a possibility.

A sudden drop in sex drive.

Occasionally, you’ll see an increase in a man’s sex drive if he’s cheating. This is because he’s usually thinking of the other person. Meanwhile, a sudden drop in his sex drive could indicate that he’s getting it somewhere else. Granted, a couple’s sex life will change over time and there are also many reasons why a guy’s sex drive drops. But if you try to initiate sex and he doesn’t seem interested or eager to sleep with you, infidelity becomes more likely.

He forgets details of your relationship.

If a guy embarks on a fling with someone else, his memory of your relationship will start to fade. In an extreme scenario, he’ll call you by the wrong name. More commonly, he’ll confuse things he’s done with you with things he’s done with the other woman. Essentially, he’ll get his two relationships crossed. It might be a subtle mistake, but slipups will happen when a guy is cheating on you with a long-term mistress.

He goes through extreme mood swings.

To be fair, there are a lot of causes for mood swings. However, cheating can be a stressful activity that brings up a lot of emotions. Sometimes he’ll be elated while other times he’ll feel guilty and depressed, often out of nowhere at all. Keep in mind that his relationship with the other woman could change his mood suddenly. If a guy’s moods are less predictable than usual, cheating is one possibility.

He doesn’t share anymore.

Keep in mind that this is all relative. Some guys are naturally closed off and don’t share a lot, but if there’s a sudden drop in the amount of his life that he shares with you, something is up. It could be an indication that he’s doing that with someone else. It’s also possible that he’s mentally checked out of the relationship. Of course, both of those are signs of infidelity. The same is true if he stops showing an interest in the details of your life.

He has new, unexplained interests.

Nobody picks up new hobbies or new tastes in music and food out of the blue. There’s always an explanation for them. In some instances, perhaps your boyfriend has a mistress who has introduced him to new things. He’s obviously not going to share that with you. If he suddenly has a love for 1940s noir films or Taylor Swift albums, it’s possible there’s another woman in the picture.

He’s being secretive and private.

Again, this is all relative, so you’ll want to look for a sudden change. Is he more careful with his phone than usual? Does he prefer to spend more time alone and want more privacy? This probably doesn’t indicate a personality change. Instead, they are signs that he’s hiding something from you, possibly another relationship.

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