Is The Guy I’m Dating Right For Me? How To Tell If He’s On Your Level

If you are finding yourself dating the same types of people and wondering why it still isn’t working out, then it’s time to re-evaluate the types of people you’re dating. After all, you can like a guy all you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re compatible long-term or that he’s worthy of you. If you find yourself wondering, “Is he right for me?” then keep an eye out for these signs that he’s on your level.

  1. You’re both keen to compromise. Meeting in the middle is an important component in any relationship. Of course, you won’t agree on everything all the time, but moving forward is important and you shouldn’t be the only one willing to go the extra mile. If you and your partner can compromise or negotiate on simple things, odds are you’ll be able to weather the big storms too.
  2. He has his own life and goals. In a relationship, it’s important that you’re both striving fpr personal growth while still working together as a couple. If you feel comfortable planning a future that includes one another while also taking the time to work on yourselves, then that’s a great sign that you and your partner are on the same level. A guy who’s got long-term potential shouldn’t be threatened by your personal goals or values, so finding someone who has his own goals to smash is always a good thing.
  3. He has strong external relationships. If you’re in a healthy relationship, then your connection with everyone else in your life should follow suit. Sure, it’s great for a guy to prioritize you and put you first sometimes, but it’s just as important that he has strong connections with friends and family members outside the relationship. Otherwise, things can get toxic pretty quickly. You should never be the only thing in his world.
  4. Thinking about the future is easy. Some relationships have a big question mark when the future is brought up, so if this isn’t the case, it’s a great sign. If he’s not only willing to talk about months and years in the future with you but brings the topic up himself sometimes, it’s clear he has the emotional intelligence and maturity to be ready for a real relationship.
  5. He walks the walk instead of simply talking the talk. Many men tend to be all talk and no action, which is not only frustrating but a total waste of your time. It’s great to hear the right things from the guy you’re with, but even better is when he backs up those words with concrete action.
  6. He knows exactly what he wants in life and love. There’s nothing worse than a wishy-washy guy with no direction in life or love. If your partner can express his needs and desires clearly and unwaveringly, that’s not only incredibly sexy but a good sign that you could go the distance, especially when those things align with your own life.
  7. You don’t have to constantly reassure him. We all feel insecure sometimes, but you should never have to spend all your time massaging a guy’s ego and reassuring him that he’s the only one for you. Needing constant reassurance, compliments, etc. is a sign that he’s too immature to handle an adult relationship. If you can tell he’s confident in your connection and doesn’t constantly second guess your relationship, that’s definitely a plus.
  8. He gives you the respect you deserve. He doesn’t push you to do things you don’t want to do or that you’re uncomfortable with and he doesn’t undermine you when you express a thought or opinion about something even if he disagrees. He knows you’re a strong, independent, capable woman and he honors that every day. What more can you ask for?
  9. He doesn’t quit when things get hard. This is a big one in many relationships and is often the case. If things are rocky or not going well and he runs away, then he’s not on the level you need. A good partner must be willing to stick it out and communicate when things get rocky. Relationships are all about balance, and if you can both handle the good times, you also need to handle the bad ones.
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