Is Your Boyfriend About To Propose? 12 Signs He’s Close To Popping The Question

You’ve talked about marriage before but you’ve never been in a hurry to tie the knot. However, now you’re starting to get impatient and you wonder if your boyfriend is on the same page. While spotting that he’s carrying a ring box in his pocket is sometimes a dead giveaway that he’s gearing up to pop the question, there are other signs that you can spot days or even weeks before he gets down on his knee. Here are 12 signs he’s about to propose to you.

  1. He checks in about your relationship. If he wants to confirm where you’re at in the relationship and what you want for your combined future, he could be trying to test the waters to see that you’re still happy and see that future with him. He’s got to have some reassurance that you’re down for getting married before he takes that leap, even though he’s 100% sure he wants to be your hubby.
  2. He gives you meaningful compliments. Sure, he always tells you that you look great and he loves your laugh and all that good stuff, but if your boyfriend has been telling you that you’d make a great wife or a great mom, he’s clearly thinking in terms of marriage.
  3. He invites you to weddings. Okay, so obviously he’d invite you to his cousin’s wedding because you’re his plus-one, but if he does invite you and then asks you what you thought about the wedding afterward or what kind of wedding you’d like to have, he’s clearly thinking in terms of your own wedding.
  4. He spends more time chatting to your mom/sister. When you’re at family gatherings, if you spot your boyfriend hatting in the corner with your mom/sister/best friend/aunt, maybe he’s trying to pick their brain about you and what kind of ring you’d love. At the very least, he’s making a real effort to get along with your loved ones, but that could also be because they’re going to be his family soon.
  5. He asks you what ring you’d want. He might be a little less mysterious about choosing you the perfect ring. When you walk past a jewelry shop, he might ask you what rings you like to get an idea of your style. Or, when your friend gets engaged, he might ask you what you thought of her ring or if you’re into engagement rings. This isn’t particularly subtle and he could just be making conversation, but you never know…
  6. He takes more interest in your jewelry collection. Another sign is if he subtly pays closer attention to the jewelry you already wear. He might even ask you questions, like, “So you prefer rose gold?” Sneaky!
  7. He organizes a romantic night weeks ahead of time. Has he organized a romantic night for the two of you weeks ahead of time, and does he seem anxious or frustrated when you mention how much your bestie wants to see you? He’s freaking out that you’re going to change your plans and he’s been planning this down to the last detail! Make sure you’re there on time and nothing comes up because it may be an occasion that changes your life.
  8. He’s making jokes about marriage. If your boyfriend’s started making jokes about you being married, he could be trying to gauge how you feel about marriage and if you’ve thought about being married to him.
  9. He’s hiding something. If your boyfriend has told you not to open his dresser in the bedroom or not to check the bathroom cabinet, he’s clearly hiding something. It could very well be an engagement ring. Resist the temptation! Unless there’s something seriously suspect in a bad way, offer him your trust and wait it out.
  10. He’s freaking out about money. If your boyfriend is getting ready to propose, he could be more concerned about saving money for the future. Weddings and mortgages are expensive! Let’s not forget that he’s probably trying to save up money for your engagement ring as well…
  11. He’s become super-sentimental. He’s preparing to get down on bended knee and tell you he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, so he’s probably been thinking about how he’s going to do it. This could have made him think about – and share with you – what you’ve brought to his life and how great you guys are together. It’s a sign that he’s got marriage on the mind.
  12. He asks you big questions. Yeah, you love a guy who asks you about yourself and takes an interest in your life, but if he’s asking you really deep questions even more lately, such as “What do you want in your future?” and “What makes you happy?”, the guy’s got an ulterior motive and it could be marriage.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.