Is Your Guy A Keeper? 8 Ways To Tell

Once we’ve made it past the first few dates and realize that we’re actually starting to fall for this guy, we tend to picture the long-term. We don’t do it on purpose; sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. We’ve gotten past the part of knowing they we’re both mutually interested in each other, but of course it’s not all fun in games in relationships. There comes a time when we eventually think about the serious topics and evaluate if we can truly see ourselves with this person in the future. Here’s how you can tell if he’s a keeper:

  1. Your friends like him, and you like his. Meeting friends is almost as crucial as meeting the family. In some cases, it’s an even harder test to pass. Your close friends know you the best. They’ve been with you through past relationships that didn’t work and ultimately want to make sure you’re not dating someone who is wrong for you. If he finally gets to that round of meeting your friends and they actually like him, it’s a green light telling you to go for it. Your friends gave your blessing and you can sleep soundly at night knowing they don’t silently hate him.
  2. More importantly, he doesn’t pull you away from your friends. An even more crucial test is whether or not he likes your friends. If he doesn’t get along with them or support your spending time with them, that can be a huge problem. One of the most common mistakes we make upon entering a relationship is choosing our boyfriends over our friends. You don’t want to have to make that choice and end up abandoning your friends because of a guy. If it doesn’t work out, you will need them to help you pick up the pieces.
  3. He’s willing to meet your family. Bringing a new boyfriend home to meet the parents is always a huge step in any relationship. If he’s not only willing to meet your family but also makes an effort to make a good impression, that means he’s thinking about the future. If he wasn’t interested in you, he would avoid that step at all costs.
  4. He’s good with kids. One of the most attractive qualities in a man is seeing that he is good with kids. This shows you whether or not he is capable of potentially raising a family – something you’ll probably want to know if you’d like to have your own one day. This can also show you if he’s okay to bring around to family gatherings, which may tend to have an abundance of children running around.
  5. He notices the little things. Whether it’s a haircut, a new sweater, or a fresh manicure, it’s always reassuring to know that he notices these little changes. This tells you that he pays attention and truly sees you when he is looking at you. There’s nothing better than getting a compliment from the man you love.
  6. You actually like doing things together – even the boring stuff. If you lead an active lifestyle or have particular hobbies, you want to know that he’s willing and able to participate upon request. Couples who do things together tend to have stronger bonds. You and him should be able to work together as a team and enjoy each other’s company while doing things outside of the normal routine. But the normal routine is important, too. Sometimes going grocery shopping together will have to pass as adventure, and if it does, you’re probably well-matched.
  7. He’s not afraid to show affection in public. Although not everyone may agree, sometimes it’s nice to hold hands or give a little peck on the lips in public every now and then. I’m not talking about R-rated PDA, but a little affection once in a while is nice. He should be proud to show you off in front of others.
  8. He’s there for you for the hard times. The way to truly know if someone really has your back is if they are there for you through not only the good times, but also the bad. Emotional support is one of the most important things needed for a relationship to thrive. Knowing that he can be there for you lets you know that he won’t run away the minute things get a little rocky.
Lindsey is a Digital Advertising Professional and Freelance Writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyruns