Is Your Mr. Right Actually The Wrong Guy For You?

You know that gross little feeling you sometimes get when you think something might be wrong? That’s your intuition talking. Most of us have been taught to ignore it; you’re told to give people second chances or to give things a shot even if you’re not feeling it. But that intuition is crucial, and you need to start listening to it.

The same thing goes for the people in your life. If you’re starting to get that odd feeling when you’re thinking about your boyfriend, it’s time to sit down and seriously evaluate your relationship. After all, you want to be with someone great who treats you the way you deserve to be treated, right? Here are seven signs the guy you thought was Mr. Right is just not for you, after all.

  1. Seeing him doesn’t make you feel butterflies… or anything at all. It’s one thing if you see him constantly, but if he shows up at your door holding a bouquet of roses and you still can’t muster up an ounce of excitement, there’s something wrong. He could be the sweetest, nicest guy in the world, but if you aren’t feeling it, you’re with the wrong guy.
  2. He hates your friends. Your boyfriend doesn’t have to like all of your friends, but he shouldn’t hate them all, either. When he avoids your friends at all costs, that hurts not only your relationship with him, but with your friends, as well.
  3. You’ve thought about what life would be like without him. If you’re in a great relationships, your fantasies should be more about your future together and less about being out on your own. When you think about how great it would be to break up, it’s time to do it in real life.
  4. He puts you down more than he lifts you up. Constructive criticism is one thing, but if your guy spends most of his time telling you what you do wrong (like how you don’t do the dishes right or how your laugh is annoying and that you’ll never get a raise because you’re lazy), then it’s time to ditch him.
  5. You feel like you’re a different person when you’re with him. And you don’t like who that person is. Perhaps you watch what you say or you pretend to like his interests even though you’re not really a fan. If you can’t be yourself, that’s going to get old really quickly.
  6. He dismisses your feelings. Something’s bothering you and you speak up. How does he react? If he takes you seriously, great! You’ve got a keeper. But if he ignores you instead, or tells you that you’re overreacting (a form of gaslighting), then you’re with the wrong guy.
  7. You constantly feel miserable and you don’t know what about. Sometimes you can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong – all you know is that you’re unhappy with your current relationship. If you’ve made an honest effort to improve and it’s still not what you want it to be, move on.
Trisha is a full time writer living in Montana. In her free time, she paints mountainscapes on her skin with body paint and reads a ton of YA lit.