Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For? 9 Signs You Shouldn’t Give Up Just Yet

Most relationships go through ups and downs with both people feeling every emotion under the sun. Some people just aren’t right for each other and will end up separating, but that isn’t always an easy choice to make. If your relationship feels like it’s going through a particularly rough patch at the moment and you’re not sure what to do, there are some things you can look out for that may make you want to rethink throwing in the towel. Here are some signs that it may not be over just yet.

  1. Both of you are still willing to work for it. The most basic and easiest sign to see that your relationship has more left to give is that both people are ready and willing to put in the work that is necessary to save the relationship. If you and your partner are not ready to let go and willing to compromise and to what you need to do to make things better, it’s definitely worth giving it another shot.
  2. The thought of separating is unbearable. Often when couples are just done with each other, they’ll start to feel trapped or suffocated being around each other. They’ll have a strong desire to separate and spend some time apart at least for a while in order to clear their heads and think. If you’re having some problems within your relationship but the idea of being apart for a while or taking a break sounds awful and terrifying, it’s a good sign that you don’t need a break, you just need some long and well-intentioned conversations with your partner.
  3. Neither of you wants to be with anyone else. If your relationship has been in turmoil, you’ve been fighting with your partner a lot and might think a breakup is on the horizon but neither of you has any interest in dating anyone else and can’t even picture yourself with anyone else ever, you might not be ready to give up on your relationship yet and might just need to try another avenue of reconciliation. The desire to date around or to date a certain person is often one of the biggest reasons relationships will fall apart. Sometimes, feelings change but if you and your partner don’t feel the need to see what else is out there, it’s worth giving your relationship another shot.
  4. You’re both willing to apologize. Many irreconcilable differences in relationships occur when one or both parties refuse to admit any fault in the issues of the relationship. It’s impossible to come to any sort of understanding if neither of you wants to admit that you may have been at fault in any disagreement. If, however, you’re both willing to admit where each of you was wrong and come to an understanding where neither of you has to take all of the blame, your relationship has a chance at surviving.
  5. You still feel in love with them. They say that the spark dies when people have been together for a long time because the relationship becomes predictable and familiar. Any truly in love couple will tell you that the spark might fade slightly as you grow comfortable with each other but it never really dies. Even if your relationship has been struggling and you feel like you might be headed towards the end, if you still feel that unmistakable feeling of being in love with your partner, and they feel the same way, your relationship is worth fighting to save.
  6. The trust is still there. Relationships that go through hell can often lose a lot of the trust that once existed there. One of the big reasons couples split up is because one or both of the people involved feeling like they can’t trust the other person anymore. Despite the fact that you’ve been fighting or having other relationship problems, if you still would trust your partner with your life, knowing that they still have your best interest at heart, your relationship might still have some wind in the sails and could be worth saving.
  7. You still see a future with them. If your relationship has been facing some issues and you’ve been thinking about ending things but find yourself hesitating because you still look forward to a future with your partner, you may not be ready to let go just yet. If you still have faith that the two of you could live an incredible life together once you get past this hurdle, your relationship is worth fighting for.
  8. You don’t want to hurt each other. When couples have reached a point of separation and can’t seem to get along at all anymore, they can be so angry that their goal is to actually hurt each other. You and your partner have been going through some tough times, but even if you’re angry with them, you would still never want to hurt them. That’s a sign that there’s still love between the two of you. It doesn’t always mean that your relationship will overcome this, but if you still feel love in your hearts for each other, there’s a good chance that you could make it through and you should fight for the relationship.
  9. They’re trying to make it up to you. If your partner seems adamant about saving your relationship by trying to make the situation right, whether they were completely in the wrong or not, it could be a sign that your relationship is worth fighting for. If your partner, or both of you, want to make it up to each other by doing nice things for one another and proving that you care, that is definitely a sign that neither of you is really ready to give up yet.
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