If He Isn’t Enhancing Your Already Awesome Life, What Are You Doing?

You don’t need a relationship, so if you’re going to be in one, it’d better be good. If he’s doing the following things, you should drop him like a bad habit. After all, your life is awesome—why would you want to be with someone who takes away from that rather than adds to it?

  1. He never takes your feelings into consideration. He’s selfish. He only thinks about himself and what he can get out of people and situations. To him, your feelings don’t matter. That type of behavior shouldn’t be acceptable. In order to be in a happy, healthy relationship, you need two people who consider one another’s thoughts and feelings regularly. This guy only thinks about himself and expects you to think about him as well. No thanks.
  2. He lies to you about little things. He’s not trustworthy. Everything he says makes you doubt him and even yourself at times. He lies so much you may begin to wonder if you’re going a bit crazy. That shows just how much mess he’s adding to your life. He’s not adding anything positive by lying to you and making you think you’re going crazy.
  3. He cheats on you. This is a pretty blatant act of disrespect and guys do it to women all the time (and vice versa, to be fair). His inability to be faithful shows that he doesn’t care about you, your feelings, or your relationship. I’m not sure what else he would have to do to make you see the light that he’s not “The One,” but you’d better figure it out sooner rather than later.
  4. He’s physically aggressive towards you. He may be aggressive because he drinks too much, he may have lost his job, or whatever other sob stories he wants to use as an excuse. Once again, this guy isn’t adding anything of value to your life or your relationship. Why would you want to stay with someone that puts their hands on you? If you find it hard to get out, seek help ASAP.
  5. He doesn’t have a job. Not only that, he’s not looking for one. He’s content with staying at home while you go to work. Then, when you get home, he wants a piece of your paycheck because he’s “going through some hard times.” I don’t know about you but I was raised with the mindset that a man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat. You can do bad all by yourself so why do you need a bum hanging on to you?
  6. He wants you to support him. He’s perfectly content with having you support him and his lifestyle. He doesn’t have a car so he expects for you to let him use yours. He doesn’t have a job so he expects for you to pay all the bills by yourself and give him some money as well. So not only are you being used as if you were his own personal assistant, but you’re paying for everything.
  7. He treats you like a child. He doesn’t respect you so he talks down to you and likes to play mind games to make you think that you’re the one with the problem. He likes to tell you where to go, what to do, what to wear, and which people to be around. Are you his partner or are you his child? This type of controlling behavior should be a gigantic red flag that may lead to him being more aggressive and physical with you if you don’t do as you’re told.
  8. He’s extremely critical. He loves to criticize you. You can’t do anything right and he enjoys tearing at your self-esteem, but what’s worse is that you allow him to have that power over you. Once again, he’s exerting a type of control over you and by you not standing up for yourself, you’re basically giving him consent to continue.
  9. He doesn’t do anything nice for you. No flowers just because, no phone calls in the middle of the day to say “I love you,” no fun date nights out… nothing. You’re getting absolutely nothing from this guy but he expects for you to do nice things for him. A relationship consists of a lot of give and take and he seems to be the only one taking in this situation. That isn’t healthy and shouldn’t be acceptable.
  10. He pits you against your family & friends. No real man should want to take you away from your family and friends. If anything, he should want you to have a strong relationship with them and he should want to develop relationships with them as well. Any man that pulls you away from your friends and family is no good and he’s displaying the first signs of controlling behavior.
Jasmine Eppes is a Freelance Writer who enjoys writing, both creatively and technically when the opportunity arises. She enjoys writing about various lifestyle topics, travel, and health care, to name a few things. When she's not writing, she's either buried deep in a really good book or planning her next trip.