This Italian Grandma Is Offering Virtual Pasta-Making Classes To Keep Everyone Fed And Happy

The longer you’re stuck in self-isolation, the more desperate you’re probably getting when it comes to mealtimes. If you’re sick of eating ramen noodles and takeout, why not get your kitchen skills up by taking a virtual pasta-making class with an Italian grandma known simply as Nonna Nerina? You just might become a top chef!

  1. Nonna Nerina is from Palombara Sabina, about an hour north of Rome. She’s been making pasta for years, but it wasn’t until her granddaughter, Chiara Nicolanti, set up an Airbnb experience with her grandmother that the idea of Nonna Nerina sharing her skills became a reality. Loads of people have flocked to the Italian countryside to take part in her courses and loads of other grandmas in the village also took part, Matador reports.
  2. In the present, in-person classes aren’t possible. In order to “flatten the curve,” everyone is staying home. It’s vital that we protect our own health and the health of others, so that means visiting Nonna Nerina and her friends to make pasta is a no-go. What’s the answer? Take the courses online for a virtual class that teaches the art of pasta-making.
  3. The virtual pasta-making class is called Nonna Live. The course runs for about two hours and costs $50, though you can get a 25% discount if you sign up for her email list. If you sign up for the course, you’ll get pre-sent a list of ingredients you’ll need including flour and eggs and will let you know what time to be online for the course. The classes are run by Nicolanti during the week, but if you want to work with Nonna Nerina, you should book a weekend course.
  4. Nicolanti and Nonna Nerina has received so much support. After opening up sign-ups for the virtual class, Nicolanti began receiving hundreds of messages of support from people all around the world who aren’t necessarily wanting to learn pasta-making but offering well-wishes for her and her 84-year-old grandma. “In two weeks, we had hundreds of messages from all around the world from people who I met once in my life and they text me to tell me we are praying for you, we love you, we hope to see you,” Nicolanti said.
  5. If you’ve ever want to learn how to make pasta, Nonna Live may be the answer. Nicolanti and Nonna Nerina will teach you the basics of how to make a decent pasta including when to touch the dough, knead it, and even leave it alone. There’s also plenty of dancing, music, and conversation, so the interactive class is fun as well as instructional. “For the handmade pasta it’s not just the ingredients,” Nicolanti said. “It’s really the hand technique, and it is something that an Italian grandma can teach you.”
  6. If you want to sign up, you can do so on the Nonna Live website. I’ll see you there!
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