Why It’s OK To Be A Late Bloomer In The Romance Department

Why It’s OK To Be A Late Bloomer In The Romance Department ©iStock/ MaxFrost

It seems that everyone is in a long-term committed relationship — OK, maybe not everyone, but scrolling through all the engagement photos on my Facebook newsfeed every day, it sure feels like it. So why aren’t I engaged yet? Hell, why am I not dating anyone at all? Because I’m a late bloomer in love, of course. Finding love later than most people my age has taught me so much about myself and about life. If you’re in this position too, don’t feel bad — it just gives you plenty of time for these other important things:

  1. Getting to know yourself. This “selfish” time in your life gives you the opportunity for introspection and adventure, which allows you to learn more about yourself on a much deeper level.
  2. Focusing on your career path. Working part-time jobs and internships or even moving across country for a job will all build connections and bolster your resume and life experiences. It’ll also make you develop a whirlwind of strength, allowing you to devour any conference room, strike any deal, or teach a class better than anybody else.
  3. Figuring out your future. Do you want to buy a house in the suburbs or city? Do you want kids? These solitary years will help you to figure out and decide exactly what you want for your future.
  4. Achieving full independence. With this independence comes confidence, which is directly related to a certain level of sexiness. These are assets that will attract quality guys – the kind that won’t be intimidated or threatened by you. Plus, they’ll make you feel like Superwoman.
  5. Learning to accept yourself and all your flaws. I’m a control freak who’s addicted to (and cries during) Hallmark movies and loves singing at the top of my lungs. While taking some time, I’ve learned to love and embrace myself, including all of my quirks and flaws.
  6. Broadening your horizons. Get the point where you are 100% satisfied with everything you’ve accomplished in life. Become a marathon runner, learn a second language, travel the world – no matter what you do, be proud.
  7. Spending time with your family. Family is forever. They’re the ones to help guide you throughout all walks of life and provide you with a level of comfort that is hard to come by. It’s important to establish solid relationships and cherish those memories.
  8. Finding your best girlfriends. These are the women who will always support you, laugh with you until you cry, and dry your tears during the toughest times. You might not find 20 great girlfriends, but two or three are definitely all that’s needed.
  9. Finding your best guy friend. I personally don’t believe in the whole notion that some people can’t be friends. Everyone needs a best friend of any gender. Take this time to find the one who you can tell absolutely everything and hold him close.
  10. Learning to listen to your gut. An ongoing lesson, but nobody knows yourself better than you. You can take advice from family and friends but listening and learning to trust your gut is the best thing to do. Plus, it’s also almost always right too.
  11. Fully believing in “what’s meant to be, will be.” Being one of the hardest philosophies to grasp, it’s also one of the most important life lessons. Knowing that everything happens for a reason will help reassure you that your life path is shaping into exactly what it should be.
A lifelong writer, she hopes that her writing will inspire others as much as it inspires her to write. Through different and difficult life experiences, she feels passionate about helping others find their happiness through healthy relationships. While still single herself, she is open to trying all forms of dating which in turn helps feed her advice to other singletons. She is wise beyond her years and looks forward to touching the lives of others.