I’ve Got Daddy Issues & They Ruin My Relationships

There’s no secret that a girl with daddy issues is going to have some problems when it comes to relationships. That’s me — thanks, Dad. The worst part about it is they aren’t even the “sexy” issues most people think of, like that I’m super promiscuous or will do anything for attention. These are the real reasons my daddy issues sabotage my relationships:

I want guys to be something they aren’t.

I know it sounds a little weird to say I want them to be like my dad, but in way it’s kind of like that. When I was little (before my dad decided to be a jerk), I was daddy’s little girl. I miss that attention and affection. And because I don’t have it from my dad, I try to get it from other men. I have some unrealistic expectations when it comes to what I want.

I want a type of love they can’t give.

A good father loves his children unconditionally. They are the light of his life, and all of his time, money, and love go to them. I don’t have that, so I look to my relationships to give me that. The problem is, I’m not their “little girl,” and they have to take care of themselves. They can love me, but it’s never going to be in the way I am missing.

I have trust and abandonment issues when it comes to men.

This is an obvious one. My dad was super awesome, then all of the sudden decided he didn’t want anything to do with his family. Now I’m always paranoid that the person I’m in a relationship with is going to leave me, and that makes it hard to trust guys, no matter how much they prove themselves.

I push them away for no reason.

Thanks to my trust issues, I tend to push men away for no good reason. I figure, instead of waiting around for a guy to show his true colors, I might as well just scare them off or leave them first so I’m not the one who gets hurt in the relationship.

I blow things out of proportion.

Thanks to my daddy issues, any small hiccup in the relationship gets turned into a huge ordeal. You don’t feel like hanging out one night? You’re cheating on me. You won’t be in town over the weekend? You’re leaving me. Like, thanks, Dad. Now I look like a crazy bitch because of you.

I rush into things too fast.

I want that love and attention from a guy so badly that I rush into relationships. I avoid acknowledging red flags like the plague, and I’ve perfected my ability to make a guy fall in love with me so quickly, they don’t even know what hit them. This almost always turns out bad. Either I realize what losers they really are, or they realize my issues got them in a relationship they didn’t really want to be in.

I’m always waiting for the worst to happen.

Because so many bad things happened with my dad, I just assume the same is going to happen in my relationships. So instead of enjoying them when they’re going great, I’m always waiting for the stuff to hit the fan. And if you’re looking for something bad to happen, eventually you’re going to find it.

I won’t call them “Daddy.” 

This is actually a big issue for some guys. And you would think because I subconsciously want them to be like a dad to me, I would be into this weird kink, but that’s totally not the case. Like, dude, I don’t like my Dad. Sorry, but you’ll never hear that one come out of my mouth, especially not in bed.

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