I’ve Kissed a Lot of Frogs, But I’m Still Confident Someday I’ll Find My Prince

Since I started dating nearly a decade ago, I’ve met, dated and kissed a lot of frogs. There are so many of them in the pond, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never find my prince. The odds might be against me, but I know despite all the wrong guys I’ve come across so far, I’ll still find the right one someday. Here’s why I’m keeping the faith:

  1. There’s only one Mr. Right. That means every other man on this earth is a Mr. Wrong. Maybe those aren’t the best odds, but for some reason, that also gives me hope. I’m not single because there’s something wrong with me; I’m single because so far I’ve only met the guys who were wrong for me. One day, I’ll meet the one I’m meant to be with long-term.
  2. I believe in true love. I truly believe that there’s someone out there for everyone, and I know there’s one right person out there for me — one frog that will turn into a prince. I don’t feel discouraged or depressed because I haven’t found him yet. I’m impatient, but excited for the day he enters my life.
  3. I’m determined to get my happy ending. I believe in real life fairytales. There may not be fairy godmothers, but love is definitely magical. If I don’t get my happy ending, it’ll be for no other reason than that I gave up. I’m not going to stand in the way of fate. If I want to find love, then despite all the tragedy of my past, I have to remain optimistic.
  4. Not all men are the same. Just because I’ve kissed a lot of frogs doesn’t mean every man is a slimeball. There are still good guys left. If my friends are still finding guys who know how to treat them right, then why can’t I do the same? I refuse to write off an entire gender just because I’ve had a few (or a few dozen) bad experiences.
  5. Every wrong turn gets me one step closer to what’s right. Once I figure out a guy isn’t right for me, that’s one more name to cross off the list. I’ve made a few pit stops on my destination to true love, but life is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. My love life hasn’t always been happy, but I’ve learned a lot. I know that every lesson brings me closer to finding the one. That’s why I’m grateful to every frog, because in some way, they’ve brought me closer to my prince.
  6. I deserve a real life Prince Charming. At the end of the day, I actually believe I deserve to find my dream guy. I love myself enough to want that joy in my life and to think I deserve it. I want a man to walk through life with. I want a partner and a best friend who will grow old with me. I deserve a man who will stick with me through thick and thin, not just jump off the lily pad every time the water gets a little rough.
  7. I won’t give up on my prince because I know he’d never give up on me. I know he’s looking for me, so I won’t stop searching for him just as I know he’s doing for me. It takes two to tango, and it will take effort from both of us to find one another. I know when we do, it’ll all have been worth it.
  8. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Every man I meet was probably thrown back into the swamp by another princess at some point or another. That doesn’t mean he’ll be just another frog to me. A frog is only revealed as Prince Charming when he meets the right princess, and that could be me.
  9. If real love were easy to find, it would probably be a lot less magical. I never expected to find Prince Charming just like that. He isn’t just going to fall into my lap. Finding true love is a journey. I’m willing to do the work and I’m willing to wait until I know it’s right. In the end, I know that my reward will be more than worth the risk. Real love is hard to find, and that’s exactly what makes it so magical.
  10. My past is no indication of my future. Every first kiss has had a last kiss. None of my relationships have worked out in the past, but is that supposed to mean no relationship ever will? Not in my mind. Almost every happily married couple dated other people before they found each other. The past doesn’t determine the future —  not if I learn from it. Sometimes you just have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find a prince.
Kelsey Dykstra is a freelance writer based in Huntington Beach, CA. She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Grand Valley State University and been writing professionally since graduating in 2013. In addition to writing about love and relationships for Bolde and lifestyle topics for Love to Know, she also writes about payment security and small business solutions for PaymentCloud.

Originally from Michigan, this warm weather seeker relocated to the OC just last summer. Kelsey enjoys writing her own fictional pieces, reading a variety of young adult novels, binging on Netflix, and of course soaking up the sun.

You can find more about Kelsey on her LinkedIn profile or on Twitter @dykstrakelsey.