Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey Cupcakes Bring Booze To Dessert In The Most Delicious Way

There are two things pretty much all of us have been doing a lot since quarantine began: drinking and baking. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at making your own bread or banana bread; perhaps you’re going through bottles of wine or other alcohol at a higher rate than normal. If this sounds like you, I’m here to help save you some time and energy AND give you an additional treat because Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey Cupcakes exist for you to bake and eat ASAP.

  1. The recipe comes courtesy of Creative Culinary. Blog owner Barb came up with the idea to combine Jack Daniel’s into cupcakes and we all need to be grateful she did. The recipe, which is incredibly detailed and easy to follow, yields one of the most delicious and decadent desserts you’ll ever eat. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.
  2. It requires ingredients you most likely already have. While things like flour and eggs can be hard to get a hold of while everyone is at home and still panic buying, if you can get your hands on flour, butter, milk, sugar, eggs, baking powder, vanilla extract, and of course Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey, you’re on your way to some delicious cupcakes.
  3. There’s whiskey in every single part of these cupcakes. In addition to being integrated into the cupcake recipe, there’s also Jack Daniel’s in the buttercream frosting as well as the aptly-named “boozy drizzle.” In other words, if you love the flavor of whiskey, you’re really going to love these.
  4. The recipe makes a dozen cupcakes, so you’ll even have some to share. Assuming you don’t want to eat them all yourself in one sitting, a full batch of Jack Daniel’s cupcakes makes 12 cakes so you’ll have plenty to share with a partner, family members, or friends (while safely social distancing, of course). If it’s just you and you still want to make them, you could always half the recipe too!
  5. These might be the most deliciously boozy dessert ever. Frankly, I may never make another cupcake recipe again.
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