This Jack Skellington Mug Will Make Your Morning Coffee So Much Creepier

Quick, name a more iconic Halloween/Christmas movie than The Nightmare Before Christmas. I bet you can’t, partly because movies that cover both holidays with equal joy kinda don’t exist and also because even if they did, I bet they still wouldn’t be as good as the Tim Burton classic. I love it so much that I just had to add this Jack Skellington mug to my already overflowing mug collection, and I have to say, I highly recommend it.

It’s way more sinister than the actual Jack Skellington. I know Jack is supposed to be spooky, but he’s actually a pretty gentle soul. You wouldn’t know that from the grimace he’s sporting on this mug, which makes it nice and creepy for the upcoming Halloween season.

It’s 3D, which is always cool. Instead of just being a regular mug with Jack Skellington’s face on it, the whole mug is shaped like Jack’s head, with just a black handle extending from the back. I’m all about the 3D effect.

Keep this thing out of the dishwasher. To preserve the finish on the mug, which is ceramic, you should never put it in the dishwasher. Hand washing is the way to go. You should also keep it out of the microwave if you don’t want it get messed up (and potentially break).

It holds 11 oz. of liquid so it’ll keep you well-caffeinated. If you prefer a sizeable cup of morning coffee (or tea), you’re good to go with the Jack Skellington mug. It holds 11 oz, or just over a cup and a half, so you’ll be awake and alert by the time you finish it.

There’s even a matching Sally mug! If you want to complete the “set,” so to speak, you should get the matching Sally mug to go with your Jack Skellington mug. This way, you can share it with your boyfriend, roommate, or friend and bask in the Nightmare Before Christmas goodness together.

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