Jared Leto Seen Scaling Hotel Wall In Berlin For No Apparent Reason

One quick look at Jared Leto’s Instagram account will show you just how much the actor and musician values physical fitness. And his efforts at staying strong and healthy are paying off — he certainly doesn’t look 51, that’s for sure (not that it would be a problem if he did). And while there’s never a bad time to get in some exercise, pretty much everyone was flummoxed by his decision to scale the outer walls of a hotel in Berlin this week.

When you’re walking through the streets of your city, the last thing you expect to see is a celebrity pulling a Spider-Man as he climbs up the stone walls of a building. However, that’s exactly what happened to fans in Berlin, as they looked up and realized the guy making his way up the side of the cement slabs was none other than Jared Leto.


Dopo la prima uscita in compagnia della modella Thet Thinn, subito identificata da molti come la sua presunta nuova fidanzata, Jared Leto ha deciso che “passare inosservato” non fa decisamente rima con il suo nome. Ecco infatti l’attore e frontman dei Thirty Seconds to Mars a Berlino mentre, fuori dall’Hotel de Rome, ha deciso di arrampicarsi sui muri di pietra del palazzo attirando l’attenzione di un gruppo di persone che si sono radunate per osservare quello che stava accadendo. Secondo voi, cosa stava cercando di fare? ————————— After the first public date with the model Thet Thinn, immediately identified by many as his alleged new girlfriend, Jared Leto decided that “go unnoticed” does not definitely go well with his name. Here he is the actor and frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars in Berlin while, outside the Hotel de Rome, decided to climb the wall of the building attracting the attention of a group of people who gathered to observe what was happening. What do you think he was trying to do? #whoopsee #jaredleto

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Witnesses filmed the incident and posted it to social media, where it quickly went viral. Many people were amused by Leto’s antics, though most people shared the same emotion: confusion. “Is there a reason to why he’s doing this??” one person asked. “Not sure if I should be impressed or concerned lmao,” another tweeted.

Others joked that Jared Leto must be preparing for his new movie, with a few people remarking that “the new morbius movie looks great” and “Going method for Morbius 2.”

Leto himself even posted the original TikTok video to his own Instagram page. He didn’t caption it with any words, only three consecutive monkey emojis. However, his followers weren’t all that amused with the stunt, with many claiming he would have been arrested if he wasn’t a celebrity (which is probably true). However, it seems like the climb got people talking about Jared Leto, and maybe that was the whole point of it.

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