Jason Derulo Gets In Physical Fight With 2 Men In Las Vegas Because They Called Him Usher

Jason Derulo was detained by police in Las Vegas this week after getting into a physical altercation with two men because one of them called him Usher. A witness filmed him going in an elevator inside the ARIA hotel lobby and all seemed well… until two men called out to him and thought he was a totally different R&B singer. That’s when things got real.

  1. One of the men shouted: “Hey, Usher! F*** you, b***h!” TMZ points out that it’s unclear whether the man actually knew it was Jason Derulo and was purposely trying to annoy him or whether he legitimately thought it was Usher. Either way, it didn’t go well.
  2. Derulo launched into action pretty quickly. Soon after hearing the comment, Derulo allegedly punched the man who called him Usher right in the face. He then slapped the man who was with him and they all fell to the ground and had a scuffle until security stepped in.
  3. He got the men pretty good. TMZ revealed that the two men Derulo fought with seemed to have blood coming from their injuries but that neither man was hurt so bad that he required hospital treatment. They decided not to press charges, though they have up to a year to change their mind and file a lawsuit.
  4. Derulo was led away in handcuffs. While he wasn’t formally arrested, he did receive a trespassing notice from the ARIA hotel and was removed from the premises. I bet you those hecklers will think twice in the future before messing with another star! (Or, you know, not.)
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