Jealous Woman Makes Boyfriend FaceTime Her For His Entire 12-Hour Work Shift

A woman has been aclled “nuts” online for apparently making her boyfriend FaceTime her for his entire 12-hour work shift at an Amazon warehouse because she doesn’t “trust other females” not to flirt with him. Nela, who’s from Fresno, California, posted a TikTok video earlier this month in which she revealed that she wants to know what’s happening at all times during her boyfriend Jose Macias’s day when he’s not with her. Yikes!


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  1. Nela insists she trusts Jose. Nela claims that she doesn’t force her boyfriend to spend every waking minute of his day speaking to her because she thinks he’s going to flirt with other women but because other women might flirt with him. What she thinks she’s going to do about that from home is beyond me, but let’s go with it.
  2. How is this even allowed? Sure, some workplaces are more chill than others, but I don’t know any jobs, particularly not at big business factories, that let employees talk on FaceTime all day. How has a line manager not made him hang up the call?
  3. Commenters were NOT having Nela’s nonsense. There wasn’t a single person who seemed to Support Nela’s controlling behavior. In fact, they all thought she needed help to deal with her clear issues. “Free him,” one user said. Another commented: “THIS ISN’T NORMAL.”
  4. It’s clear she doesn’t trust him at all. Even though she insists otherwise, Nela’s behavior makes it clear that she has major trust issues and doesn’t think her boyfriend can do his job without being unfaithful to her. If that’s the case, why are they together? “In a relationship trust is the key so you’re doing too much!” one commenter told her in response to a second video she posted. “If you don’t trust them leave him.”
  5. Of course, this could be classic internet trolling. People do weird stuff to get internet famous and Nela’s videos have indeed gone viral, even if not for a good reason. However, there’s no actual proof that this actually happens on a daily basis, so we should probably take it with a grain of salt.

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