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Joe Biden Appears To Shake Hands With Thin Air After Speech

The internet is ruthless and doesn’t hesitate to go after public figures when they do something wrong or even something bizarre. It’s no wonder, then, that President Joe Biden is being widely mocked after a video showed him appearing to shake hands with thin air after a speech went viral.

Biden was speaking in North Carolina. After his speech, Biden moved away from the podium and turned to his right, extending his hand for a handshake though no one was there. It was strange, to say the least.

Republicans are having a field day with the clip. Texas senator Ted Cruz was one of the first to share it with his social media followers along with the spying eyes emoji. In other words, Republicans think this is proof of Biden being unfit to serve, but given what came before him, people in glass houses probably shouldn’t throw stones.

Others just saw the funny side. Many made the joke that Biden was trying to shake hands with John Cena, whose catchphrase used to be “you can’t see me.” That would make a whole lot of sense.

So what’s actually happening here? This is a case of selective editing, of course. The full clip shows that Biden is gesturing to a group of people sitting behind him. He also turns to the other side and does the same motion to the people on his left. Of course, that wouldn’t fit the anti-Democrat narrative, so it’s better to pretend it’s something it’s not. Of all the signals Biden’s given that he may be getting a bit old for the position, this isn’t one of them.

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