Joe Biden’s German Shepherd Will Be The First Rescue Dog To Live In The White House Delaware Humane Society

Joe Biden’s German Shepherd Will Be The First Rescue Dog To Live In The White House

One of the most noticeable absences from the White House over the past four years — besides logical human thought and basic decency, of course — has been that of dogs. Historically, sitting presidents have always had four-legged friends to help guide them and simply continue to be man’s best friend, and that’s one of the many things Joe Biden will be bringing back come January. In fact, Major the German shepherd will be the first rescue dog in presidential history to live in the White House!

Major will be joined by Champ in Washington. Of course, Champ was rescued in 2008 and has already lived in the vice-presidential digs at the U.S. Naval Observatory. However, Major wasn’t adopted from the Delaware Humane Society until 2018, so he’s making history!

This could be a great thing for rescue dogs! I’ve always been a firm believer in the “adopt don’t shop” approach to pet ownership, and having a president with a rescue dog could really encourage Biden’s fellow Americans to follow in his footsteps and give a dog in need a good, loving forever home.

People are thrilled that Champ and Major are moving in. Let’s just be real: pet owners are often seen as friendlier, more approachable, and more trustworthy people. That’s because to have an animal as part of your family is to know a different kind of love and warmth. Knowing that the nation now has not one but two First Dogs heading to the White House is warming hearts everywhere.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for some White House pups! It’s been a long time since Bo and Sunny were around, and it’s about time we got some canines around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, don’t you think?

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