Johnny Depp Has ‘No Interest In Hollywood’ Now That It Has No Interest In Him

Johnny Depp Has ‘No Interest In Hollywood’ Now That It Has No Interest In Him Disney

Johnny Depp is said to be leaving Hollywood in the dust now that it’s clear that he’ll never star in another major movie again. The “Jeanne du Barry” actor, who recently got a 7-minute standing ovation at Cannes for his performance in the film, was left feeling pretty bitter after he was dropped like a hot potato from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise, leaving him with “no interest” in the industry.

Friends of Depp told the Daily Mail that even if Disney were to ask him to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, he would turn them down because of the way the company betrayed him.

“They blind dropped him even though Amber had lied her a** off,” the source said.

A second insider claimed that reciting lines of fictional characters no longer appeals to Johnny Depp either, which is another factor in his leaving Hollywood. Probably a good thing, given that he was struggling to recite those lines without the help of an earpiece to feed them to him throughout filming.

“He says he isn’t interested in speaking someone else’s words. He is interested in authentic expression of himself, through art and music at the moment,” the insider added. “He’s got no interest in Hollywood at all.”

However, as is the case with info gleaned from “sources,” which tend to be interns tasked with making up quotes that sound like they might be halfway believable, The Mirror US claims those Daily Mail quotes are “completely inaccurate” and that they’re “from an unreliable source.” This third person instead says that Depp would be totally open to cashing any check Disney wants to write him.

“People are just making things up about Johnny at this point, trying to capitalize off the anniversary of the trial to fill blank space for news,” the third source claimed. So, is Johnny Depp leaving Hollywood or not? I guess we’ll never know!

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