Jose Cuervo Is Running A Tequila Train In Mexico And You Can Go Along For The Ride

Whether you prefer margaritas, a nice tequila sunrise, or just drinking it straight-up, tequila is delicious and Jose Cuervo is one of the best ones out there (not an ad, just a legit personal opinion). I recently found out about the Jose Cuervo Express, a train that runs through Mexico, offering passengers their fill of alcohol as the train rolls along, and frankly, I need to book my ticket ASAP.

It runs from Guadalajara to Tequila. Yes, tequila is a town, not just a drink (and the drink was named after the town anyway). The whole journey takes about 11 hours, which is plenty of time to enjoy some delicious Jose Cuervo while the train rolls along the tracks. You should be pretty wasted by the time you arrive. WOO HOO!

You don’t just get a train ride. Your ticket includes tequila drinks while on board, yes, but it also includes a visit to and a tour of the Cuervo distillery so you can see the process that goes into making all the alcohol you just downed on the train. You also get to visit some agave fields and walk around the town of Tequila to see some sights. Plus, organizers have planned games, entertainment, and plenty of other activities to enjoy.

Kids are welcome. While drinking tequila isn’t a kids’ activity, the Jose Cuervo Express is kid-friendly. In fact, kids 5 and under get to ride free! There’s a reduced price for kids aged 6 to 17, so you won’t pay full price for them if they do come along. They certainly won’t be left out of the fun games, food, and activities, so you shouldn’t feel weird taking them (just maybe avoid getting too drunk).

It’s very reasonably priced. According to the website, you can book a ticket aboard the Jose Cuervo Express for about $109, which considering all you get is a pretty sweet deal. Perhaps understandably, the train will likely get really busy especially during the warmer months, so plan ahead and get your tickets as early as possible. I know where I’m going for spring break!

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