Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is Trying To ‘Lock Him Up’ In Twitter Rant

Kanye West went on a worrying Twitter rant during the late hours of Monday, July 20, claiming that his wife Kim Kardashian West was, with the help of a doctor, trying to ‘lock him up.’ The incident took place following an erratic presidential rally in which West broke down in tears claiming that he ‘nearly killed his daughter’ among other startling statements.

Kanye West is not a well man. Previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder, West refuses to take medication as he believes it stifles his creativity. Because of this, he experiences extreme highs and lows with no help to manage the imbalances. His recent behavior makes it clear that he’s very much struggling and in need of help, but West unfortunately can’t see that.

kanye west twitter rant

  1. His Twitter posts made some pretty serious allegations. “Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughter’s life yesterday,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “If I get locked up like Mandella ya’ll will know why.”
  2. He also asked Kris Jenner to reach out to him. West also accused Jenner of “avoiding my calls” and implored her on the social media network to “call me now.” It’s unclear whether or not they were able to get in touch or when the last time the family has spoken to him.
  3. It didn’t end there. Other messages, which have also now been deleted, randomly talked about how Kim “would never photograph” North, now 7, “doing Playboy,” which many believe was a dig at Jenner and the way she’s managed her daughters’ careers. He went on to say that Kim would “never sell her sex rape,” clearly a bizarre reference to the 2007 release of Kim’s tape with Ray J.
  4. In the end, he plugged his upcoming album. Soon after, Kanye West deleted his Twitter rant and instead decided to focus on the music, saying that his new album, called DONDA after his late mother, would be released on Friday.
  5. What’s clear here is that Kanye West needs help. At a certain point, another involuntary psych hold may be necessary, especially if he becomes a danger to himself or his family. I completely sympathize with how some medications to treat mental health conditions can make you feel worse than the condition it’s claiming to treat, but it’s worth trying to find a treatment that works for you, and I hope West is eventually able to do that.


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