Kanye West Allegedly Showed Employees Inappropriate Pics Of Kim Karadashian

Kanye West Allegedly Showed Employees Inappropriate Pics Of Kim Karadashian Fox News

Kanye West allegedly showed sexy, explicit pics of Kim Kardashian to former employees, according to Rolling Stone. While video footage recently leaked of West showing Adidas staffers porn as an intimidation tactic, several former workers claim he took it a step further by bringing his then-wife into it.

  1. One former worker said West broke out the images during a job interview. The unnamed employee said they interviewed with West in 2018. At one point, West turned his phone around to show off the pics of Kim Kardashian. “My wife just sent me this,” West allegedly told the hopeful while showing the “very revealing and personal photo” of Kardashian. “I didn’t really react,” the creative said.
  2. An explicit video of Kardashian was also shown to Adidas staff. Another person who was present claims that West played the video to the creative team at Adidas at a 2018 meeting. It’s unclear what the context was or how staff reacted at the time. However, needless to say, there’s no excuse for it. A third person confirmed that the allegations are true. “[West was] not afraid to show explicit images or talk about situations that should be kept private,” they said.
  3. Showing off sexy pics of Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only concerning behavior. By 2020, a former Cody staffer claims that West’s behavior hit a low. He would show up to meetings and jump on tables, scream, and throw objects across the room. “I feared for my well-being. Like, what if he throws something at you?” they said.
  4. West allegedly targeted female employees more often than males. One source said that West’s decision to show inappropriate content, including his own sex tapes, was a way to “break people down” for his own enjoyment. “I feel it was a tactic to break a person down and establish their unwavering allegiance to him, testing and destroying people’s boundaries,” they said. Another staffer said that West was always putting down one employee in particular about her appearance. “He’s just obsessed with power. And he has all the power and money to make somebody cut their hair, to make somebody lose their weight,” the employee explained. “To the same person, he can go say things like, ‘You fat slut.’ And then this person will still have to be forced to stay because that’s how they make money. They have a lease to pay.”

Adidas ended its relationship with West last month, effectively halving his net worth. However, they still own the patent to many of his designs. Adidas plans to continue manufacturing Yeezy designs under its own brand in 2023.

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