Woman’s Boyfriend Makes AI Clone Of Her So Other Men Can ‘Enjoy Her Company’

A model has revealed that her boyfriend created her likeness as an AI character so that other men could have an “intimate” experience with her and enjoy her company. The 20-year-old content creator known as Katiana, says 24-year-old Will Goodall worked his magic with AI to add a whole new element to her business.

“I’ve always felt like AI is a cool tool, and I wanted everyone to be able to talk to me because I know the value of connection,” she told Kay told NudePR.

“Personally, I’ve been able to heal so much through conversation and the power of having intimate bonds,” she added. “I thought it would be really cool if people could heal and grow through talking to Katiana AI.”

For those willing to pay up, the AI version of Katiana will have conversations, make jokes, and send automated voice messages among other delights. Given that Katiana apparently already makes $500k a month creating adult content, it looks like her profits are set to skyrocket.


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As for why Goodall would want other people to enjoy his girlfriend, he thinks it’s only fair. That’s something that Kat agrees with.

“People have always told me I’m healing to talk to, and I guess I have a very nurturing personality,” she said. “Building these virtual bonds with my fans is really cool, and people have had some great conversations with her so far.”

In fact, she believes that AI can actually be a good thing in relationships, saying that her character could be an “unbiased” help for those experiencing issues with their partner and may ultimately strengthen things.

“I’m in a very solid, long-term relationship with someone who loves me, and I think AI could be a cool addition to any relationship,” she said. “It can help couples grow together and hopefully deeper in their relationships.”

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