Katy Perry Says Moving To Kentucky Reminded Her ‘Hollywood Isn’t America’

Katy Perry has admitted that her recent move to Kentucky has been an eye-opening experience in more ways than one. The “Teenage Dream” singer, who grew up in Santa Barbara and lived most of her life in Southern California, said that while it’s been “amazing” to have a change of scene, she’s realized that “Hollywood is not America.”

Appearing on Chelsea Handler’s “Dear Chelsea” podcast, Perry said she and fiance Orlando Bloom decided to raise their daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, somewhere more laid-back. However, the 38-year-old has been shocked by what it’s like escaping the “bubble” of her life in LA.

“I’m living, like, in Kentucky and I have for almost a month now and that’s quite an amazing experience because it reminds you that Hollywood is not America,” she told Handler.

Katy Perry’s move to Kentucky has been life-changing

She added that living somewhere new has made her “understand people better” and appreciate the ability to “go outside of what you know to be normal and your reality.” She’s now living in an entirely different “bubble” and she’s pretty pleased with it.

In addition to discussing her move to Kentucky, Katy Perry also opened up about her decision to have kids, calling it the “best” thing she’s done. She admitted that she never even realized she wanted kids until she met Bloom.

“Something inside of me said, ‘You, mid-30s, this man is nice. Must breed,'” she said. “My daughter has reshaped my life, my perspective, and given me a love I’ve never had before.”

Perry also shared the ups and downs she’s experienced in her relationship with Bloom. “Your partner usually sees your best and a lot of your worst sides because they’re there to be your mirrors,” she said. “And we love it because it just keeps us in tune and the resentment can get really strong when you’re both working hard and, god bless, successful people in the spotlight.” However, she added that couples therapy has been a big help in their relationship.

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