Keeping Your Relationship Hot During The Colder Months Is Easier Than You Think

Keeping Your Relationship Hot During The Colder Months Is Easier Than You Think ©iStock/Katie_Martynova

Sure, summer’s over, but that doesn’t mean the passion and heat in your relationship has to be. It might seem like the colder months are better for bundling up and getting cozy by the fire than they are for getting down with your man, but you’re wrong. The autumn and winter months can actually be a great time for rekindling your connection and revving up your sex life, so what are you waiting for?

  1. Adopt a “no clothes in bed” policy. It might be cold outside, but you can always pile on the blankets and keep the body heat in bed. Plus, there are a few activities you could partake in to really warm things up…
  2. Let go of your body consciousness, at least for a little while. Some research has shown that men think their girls bodies look sexier in the winter, from December to February to be exact. Weird, but okay. Don’t feel self-conscious about putting on a few pounds over the holidays, because chances are, he loves a little extra on you.
  3. Take things outdoors. Ice skating, anyone? There’s just something so romantic about bundling up and doing something playful together. It’s almost like your first date all over again. Plus, when you get home, you can spend some time warming each other up again.
  4. Do wine tastings in front of the fire. Roaring fire plus wine — what could be hotter? Make it a date by calling it a “tasting”, even if you’re just tasting the contents of an entire bottle. It might sound a bit cheesy, but there’s a reason the cliche exists.
  5. Start a competition out of boring activities like cleaning. When the weather keeps you inside, you might as well be productive. Turning chores into friendly competitions can both help to get them done and also create an activity that’s (sort of) fun… particularly if each of you gets to make up your own “prizes” for winning.
  6. Take a bubble bath. The fastest way to warm up is probably taking a shower, but take it up a notch by drawing a bath to add in that real relaxing vibe that will set the tone for an evening. Even better if you surprise him with it.
  7. Institute mandatory make out sessions. Really what can possibly get you hotter than a good old fashioned make out session? Draw out the kissing portion of sexy time and see if you can raise the temperature a few degrees.
  8. Up the ambiance with plenty of candles. Hey, it’s getting darker much earlier, so make use of the darker evenings by pulling out and lighting up your cold weather candle collection. Not only will it fill the room with lovely (and romantic) light, but it’ll smell great, too.
  9. Set aside some serious bonding time. The summer flies by with one social activity after another, but during the colder months, you can slow down a bit while you’re stuck inside, have some downtime together and actually talk, which is what made you guys feel so close to begin with.
  10. Don’t spend every second together. That’s right, sometimes a little time apart is exactly what you need to keep things hot. Don’t neglect the girls even though cuddling up with your guy sounds equally appealing.
  11. Work out together. Getting to the gym can take a little extra motivation in the winter anyway, but working out together has another perk. Some studies have shown that couples who sweat it out together can see both boost a libido boost and the release of the bonding hormones.
  12. Have a cook-off. Dole out dishes or work together the whole way through, and don’t stop until you have an entire meal prepared. It’s a fun way to work together, hone your skills, and it’s an excuse to start pouring the wine. Any leftovers mean less takeout the rest of the week.
  13. Take a vacation. If all else fails and the cold is really stifling your fun, plan a weekend getaway, even if it’s just an overnight stay at a local hotel.
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