Kentucky Woman Cuts Hole In Mask So That It’s ‘Easier To Breathe’

While many US states and countries around the world have advocated the wearing of face masks/coverings when in public places in order to protect yourself and others, not everyone understands the concept of hygienic safety. That was certainly the case with a Kentucky woman who decided to cut a hole in her mask so she could breathe better.


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  1. The now-viral clip came from @joegotti96 on TikTok. From the looks of things, he works in a supermarket and was shocked and appalled when he saw the woman in question approaching his till. Sarcastically, he asks her where she got her mask before she basically admits to cutting it herself to make it “easier to breathe.”
  2. That’s… not how you do things. The whole point of wearing a face mask is to keep germs from escaping your mouth/nose and going onto others with a marginal effect of protecting you from contracting germs from others. Cutting a hole in that mask completely negates the purpose. You might as well not even be wearing one!
  3. You won’t be breathing at all if you get this illness! While yes, it can get a little sweaty and uncomfortable to wear a mask in public places, especially if you’re out for a while, that’s a minor inconvenience in comparison to being hospitalized or even dying during the current global health crisis. Just wear the mask as it’s intended, people!
  4. I don’t think this is what Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear meant when he ordered people to wear masks. “While it’s gonna seem strange and is probably uncomfortable, I want us to know that this is just another small sacrifice that we can make to make sure that we keep each other safe,” Beshear said, according to the Louisville Courier Journal. Nowhere does it say in there “please cut a hole in your mask if you’d like.”
  5. I do kinda feel bad for the woman in the video… Maybe she legitimately didn’t know that cutting her face mask rendered it entirely useless. I also hope that the internet doesn’t jump on her case and harass her because of it. However, someone really needs to educate her on proper procedure here so it doesn’t happen again!
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